What The Weather Tells Us About Ourselves

Funny thing about the weather. We call it good weather or bad weather depending on just one thing: how does it work for humans? If it is a rainy day the weather is bad, when the weather is hot it is also bad, when it snows, its bad, too. When there is a hurricane it is really horrific because it destroys our homes and sometimes even kills people, so it’s really, really bad. Mother Nature is angry.

But the weather also doesn’t give a hoot about humanity, it just is. We objectify it based on its relative usage to us, humans. And we like our weather perfect otherwise it is bad. We are selfish spoiled brats who claim we care about the environment and even think we can control it by farting less, but in reality the weather does what it does and we matter very little. 

Hurricanes are good for Mother Nature because she blows off steam and redistributes fresh water to parched inlands bringing back all kinds of life; fires do a great job of creating ash that replenishes the soil which makes it superb for new growth of young trees; cyclones are good for dispersing some forms of red tide or alge-rich seas and sheltered bays where fish are being choked to death; earthquakes are important because a little tuck and roll here and there prevents the world from literally breaking apart, and we wouldn’t want that now, would we?

People complain about the weather only because it disrupts human behavior. Weather forecasters warn us when bad weather comes because maybe as human beings we wouldn’t know what to do?

Weather forecasters often act like overbearing grandmothers when weather is rough, they scare us into thinking we might not be able to handle it. They give us a “heat index” – not to reflect current temperatures but how we “feel” about it; they use dark colors of red to show us heat and heavy rain, danger is afar, and yes, sometimes we need to know about floods and damaging winds, but by and large, humans have been surviving weather long before we had hot weather babes telling us we need to board up our homes. I love team-coverage weather where you have reporters giving live updates in various places showing us it’s raining. Once I saw a weather man bracing for heavy winds while local tourists were casually walking by without a cloud in the sky – on live TV!

I don’t like alarmism, and I think most people are smart enough to work out weather problems, so when we describe weather as anything other than a natural process, we expose our fear of natural events. And then fear is used to manipulate human behavior into being a victim of grave uncertainty.

In my 20 years of living in Florida and the dozen hurricanes that came and went, the great weather overlords were right about half of the time when predicting how bad it was going to be and where harsh events would occur, but there was a lot of fear in between which created unnecessary panic.

It’s kind of the same with covid, only worse, because we get inundated every day by all kinds of natural viruses. Many have said covid is just a really bad flu, and sometimes really bad flus take out weak human beings, just like forest fires sometimes get rid of old trees that have lived too long past their prime.

To prevent covid deaths though massive economic lockdowns 90,000 of us committed suicide in the U.S. from being locked up, another 120,000 have died from overdoses on drugs because they have been locked up. Cancer rose doing the lockdowns because people skipped regular checkups. Our children , especially those aged 2 to 5 will need years of therapy to overcome the fear this virus brought to humanity. Even today, debates about separating the vaccinated with the unvaccinated are starting to rage. We try to prevent death and we end up causing it elsewhere because we fall for the same trap every time. We think we are in control of everything. 

This is why we can never really solve climate change. If we did we “lower the temperature” it would most assuredly cause another problem in some other ecosystem. We know the earth goes through cycles. To suggest we should or could adjust those cycles to suit our comfort zone is about as hubris as you can get. To think our carbon output can be controlled is like saying we can control how much humanity shits every day. And speaking of that fact, human production of waste is far more detrimental than a few degrees on the temperature scale.

Mother nature has a wonderfully designed adjustment system. When it gets to hot she rains, when it gets too cold winds shift and it gets warm again. People are merely a byproduct, an observer in time, a second-hand account. Trees, who live thousands of years, see much more life than you and I could ever know. Time for earth is not the same for time as a human, we exist in the blink of an eye.

The illusion is we think since we can understand we can also control, but every living organism has its own limited sphere of influence. Think about that the next time Stephanie Abrams feels like advising you on what clothes to wear as you head out the door.

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