Door-to-Door Vax Checks Will Cost Democrats The Election (And Possibly Its Own Existence)

It will be fun to watch Joe Biden execute his plan to send federal agents to homes everywhere in the United States to check up on people who may not have received their covid vaccine.

If there is one great tradition we have, it’s our property and what happens when people come on to it. It may be one of the few things that allows me to sleep at night knowing I have a God-given right to NOT have anyone come on my property without my permission. The only exception is if I am suspected of committing a crime. Since I am vaccinated I know I am innocent, and even if I hadn’t taken the jab, it isn’t a crime. This is why most Americans will look with particular disdain upon this act of having to answer the door, or hide like a small child, while government-looking officials are banging on it.

I would like to applaud the person in the White House who came up with this idea. It gives me great pleasure to see people I don’t like fail, especially if they bring it upon themselves.

No one likes anyone knocking on their door, except maybe small children who trust everyone. Grandmothers, old men, teenagers, middle aged women, people who may owe other people money, people who are guilty of something, and perfectly happy fathers who are good at protecting their families, we all hate door knockers. It’s why the Mormons and the Jehovah’s witnesses don’t come around.

Listen, if the Dems want to step on their foot on this one and remind everyone why we hate government, go for it. I might even volunteer and be a super agressive foot-soldier for the militant Left-wing of our government. I could care less who has been vaccinated. I’ve had my shot. But if this presents an opportunity to rub people the wrong way in the name of being a Democrat, where do I sign?

One unexpected benefit to replacing American history in our schools with Critical Race Theory is that real American history has been lost. I say good thing because our present generation seems to have forgotten that, during the early colonial period in the mid 1700’s, most people on American soil were perfectly fine being citizens of the Crown. They were far enough away from King George not to be bothered by his reign or the rule of England. But when those foot soldiers and British goons showed up and started taking our quarters, screwing our women, and demanding we pay honor to the king, all bets were off, and many of those same once-peaceful colonials were only too happy to pick up a rifle or a musket and join the war against the King.

Thank God Joe Biden has forgotten this valuable piece of U.S. history. It means we haven’t yet lost the Republic.

James Watkins is an author, podcast host and media critic.

Follow him on Twitter @realjimwatkins1

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