Let’s Give Socialism a Try, Shall We?

Just for the sake of argument let’s say America decides it wants to become a socialist nation. It sure seems possible due to the growing sentiments of idealistic nim-wits who embrace the idea that everything should be free and we should all live in a safe environment where nothing bad ever happens.

Let’s see how this works. We’ll start at the bottom and work our way up, showing you action and result of adopting grand socialist policies “for the greater good.”

In the end you will realize socialism in this country would never work because of the high price it exacts from people when there is central planning on a grand level. just like is hasn’t really worked anywhere in the world else except in small places Norway and Sweden, countries with small population counts and great access to natural resources. Besides, these are not truly socialist nations. Senator Bernie Sanders would like to believe America can be just like Sweden, but Sweden is much more manageable. Central planning government on a scale required to make socialism work in the U.S. would create chaos as well as mass poverty.

Let me show you a scenario

Starting January 1, President Biden signs an executive order that says the federal government will provide a continuous guaranteed income of $2000 per month per adult, $3500 per Adult with 1 child and $500 per child, thereafter. We become a nation of subsidized people for those who choose not to work or may just want to go to school (or not), which is also paid for.

All teachers become government employees. The government sets rates and tenure. Unemployment remains high because people don’t work; they don’t have to. We are actually seeing this now. We have a labor shortage which slows down production, which raises prices and causes inflation because there is more demand than there is product. People get laid off, profit margins shrink for small business. We saw this in the first 8 years of the Obama presidency.

Feds decide to subsidize rent, affordable housing is offered to everyone who generates less than $26,000 per year. We now call it Section 8. Two things happen. People who make more than $26,000 (and are highly taxed) end up subsidizing people who are unemployed, get assistance and lower rent. Rent controls are put into place, de-incentivizing people to move, lowering property values.

People who have subsidized rent are grouped with fellow low-income families. This environment provides no incentive for improvement or ascendancy. If your rent and guaranteed income is at risk if you earn too much income it is simply easier to stay just below the poverty line and accept the free assistance. Poverty grows at the expense of the Middle Class. This is the current state of California and most blue States. This is also why California was $52-billion in the hole before the pandemic in 2019.

Because of entitlements, the government imposes a 70% flat tax rate in order to pay for and provide services for the tens of millions of people who need (desire) them.

Middle class earners will work 3.5 out of five days of labor to cover taxes. Wages become stagnant, even more people move into poverty level driving up federal government operational costs, lowering the standard of living for average Americans. Let’s hear it for equity.

Eventually, and to offset high unemployment, benefit-recipients will be required to sign up for government jobs that will replace industries that have become non-profitable, thus creating an army of government employees, reducing risk in the market place and bringing about a more equitable distribution of labor and resources, and a stabilization of wage variations to prevent the concentration of wealth. This is what AOC sings in the shower.

All corporations with more than a certain level of income performance and who have more than 500 employees will have be required to file government oversight committee reports to ensure employees are provided a safe, diverse, tolerant and inclusive environment. That’s the cost of getting a bailout.

The Federal Government will also take the role of education management to ensure misinformation and extremism are rooted out at the base level when children are most vulnerable to hate-thought. To this end schools will also function as parental reporting centers to make sure parents are in compliance with mandated curriculum that promotes the general welfare. The AFT (American Federation of Teachers) is probably on board with this because it allows them to use the government to enforce its advocacy education, similar to what Al Gore did when he made sure the NEA taught every 1st-grader the dangers of gasoline and motor oil.

All social media becomes regulated. People who use online social media must have a license and must apply to ensure no one violates the Misinformation Act, a law that prohibits knowingly posting false information regarding government laws, health and climate science. For example, it is considered a lawful offense to deny fossil fuels are causing climate change, or that a recent climate disaster was not due to man-made climate change. These kinds of statements would undermine the authority of the people’s trust in science.

All energy must be under the control of central government because of security threats posed by extremists who can shut down energy grids through ongoing eco-cyber-terrorism. The central government is also charged with converting the US towards 100% dependency on renewable energy by 2040 in order to get our energy usage back to mid-1990 levels in order to save the environment. All public discussion must adhere to these facts when openly discussing climate change. You will be fact-checked.

All citizens will be required to reduce energy consumption or face huge fines or even jail time if they do not comply.

I’ll stop there.

Imagine any one of these draconian events happening in the U.S. if we were to adopt communist or some over-reaching socialist public policy “in the name of protecting” the country. And yet, some of these kinds of laws are being enacted. Coronavirus was just practice. Under the guise of public safety, we now know the government has no problem undermining constitutional rights to “keep people safe.”

Liberty be damned! Let them fight it out in the courts!

Sadly, too many uninformed Americans take liberty for granted. When you no longer have it, you immediately understand how truly precious it is, and how demeaning it is when you live under totalitarian rule. Ask any refugee from a country such as China, Vietnam, Russia, many countries in Africa and the Middle East. These people will tell you how precious freedom really is. And when you have a government running your life, you are not living in freedom.

North Korea is the best example of Socialism-gone-amok. Even changing lyrics while singing their national anthem is considered a crime. Government employees must take self-criticism classes every week to keep their jobs. Compare this to mandated racial-sensitivity classes employees of Los Angeles are now having to take thanks to Mayor Eric Garcetti. 

It’s chilling to think any government agency would require any citizen to take classes with the specific intent to get them to comply to any form of ideology it deems to be proper. A person who loves freedom can immediately recognize the tyranny that begins with exactly these kinds of policies, to encourage group-think on any particular issue. Today it might be racism, then sexism, then homophobia-sensitivity training, then Islamophobia-sensitivity training, where does it end?

And this is even now happening with CRT training in our nation’s military. How could this be?

The greatest military in the world is being reduced to an EST course on how to “feel” about racial inequality and how to “understand white oppression.”

Our whole screwed-up military is now a mass therapy session.

Two questions remain. Who started this bullshit, and how do we end it?

If you really believe socialism would work, I beg you to live somewhere where it exists for just six months. You won’t like what you see.

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