Who Will We Blame If Vaccines Cause Horrible Long-Term Side Effects?

What if five years from now we find every single person who took an mRNA vaccine found out they are going to die in their 50’s and 6o’s from new form of alzheimer’s brought on by the two mRNA vaccines everyone was forced to take in America?

Or how would you feel if you found out that taking the second Moderna vaccine made it so any child you have will have a serious birth defect because the vaccine attacks the placenta?

How would you feel as a mother or a father if your 27 year old son who took the vaccine like a good son to support his parents wishes, finds out a few years later he now has an irreversible heart valve defect because the vaccine attacked his heart and caused scar tissue?

All of these things are possible. No scientist today can tell you with 100% certainty these things won’t happen with an mRNA vaccine, not even Dr. Anthony Fauci.

And so when we are pressured into taking an experimental vaccine that can cause the above side effects, or others, we ask ourselves why are we easily accepting nothing could go wrong with this massive human experiment?

Is it really about stopping the spread of Covid (which by now would be impossible)?

I ask the what if because, as I stated in a previous 2020 article, this is about as close as we can get to committing mass extinction, or at least put enough people in harm’s way where a decade or two from now we could have something on our hands far worse than Covid-19.

I say this because early published reports from Italy as well as India show that the CCP was developing a bio weapon that would do the following:

1. Create an aerosolized chemical agent that would “dull the senses” of the general population and make them more submissive. This was the plan to settle the Hong Kong popular uprising.

2. Create a vaccine so that only the CCP would have a cure for Sars-Cov2 (essentially the same purpose as the NIH project with the “Bat Lady” who worked at the Wuhan Lab). To do this they would reverse engineer the RNA or Sars-Cov2, and then create a replica, change the structure of its DNA to make it cause an immune response to anyone who received the reversed-engineered and impotent virus.

Think about how soon a vaccine was created using mRNA technology. This wasn’t invented in 2020, scientist have been working on this since 2015 or earlier, even back to 2009 when MERS happened.

We can only hope the vaccines we are all being presured to take won’t cause some unforeseen long-term side effect that would be a massive blow to our species.

But if this turns out to be the case, we will only have ourselves to blame.

God help us. 

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