It’s Time To Declare Victory Over COVID

In the Unted States there have been 34 million cases of people having Covid and recovering, according to Johns Hopkins University. 621,000 people have died from Covid related illness, 90%, or 385,000 of those deaths were related to underlying conditions.

If you add the number of currently vaccinated, which is 192,000,000 Americans who now have some level of resistence to COVID, with the other 34 million who survived, this indicates at least 73% of the U.S. population is mostly immune from COVID.

If you factor in the likliehood of getting sick from COVID for most people under 65, 99.7% were already fine.

All of these numbers should be good news for the American people. New cases are down -8.5% from July 1-7. Most testing today has been due to increased mandatory testing and also of monitoring the Delta variant, a weakened strain of the original Sars-Cov2 virus.

More good news is deaths are down in the U.S. -17% to 208 on average per day (July 1-7). Averaged over the entire 50 States, that equates to slightly more than 4 persons per day per state, on average.


What all of this should mean is that the U.S. has reached herd immunity. The science tells us this. But some scientists insist on driving fear over new variants, and are now pushing extra booster shots as a remedy.

Variants are by definition a replication, or copy, of the original viruses. None of the variants have been reported as being worse than the original virus, only more “stealthy,” or contagious. Any living orgnaism seeks to adapt to survive, for a virus it sometimes means not killing the host, which is what COVID is doing. It is less deadly, but more contagious because it “hangs around” longer.

More variants will emerge just as the virus adapts to the variable conditions. We may continue to see variants move throughout the world as person-to-person contact ensues in remote places such as in Sub-Saharan Africa or in South American villages. All 186 countries have been infected.


The fear should be gone because mitigation is established, the rush of waves we feared would break our nations’ health care system was prevented, and with three, possibly four highly effective vaccines in play we are winning the war against COVID.

The realization is the virus has moved its way through our society in such a way where those who probably have compromised immune systems have either been vaccinated, have natural antibodies, or were among the unlucky view who died. I

It is simply impossible at this point to deny the United States has been thoroughly exposed to this virus. There are no remaining areas where the virus hasn’t penetrated, some remote village in Nanchik, Alaska, or in the backwoods of Louisiana, perhaps, but exceptions to the rule.

The rate of infection of Covid is three person per one infected person. I have long advocated that half of New York was probably infected in January 2020 before we even knew Covid had arrived.

By June of 2020 it had been determined that 1-in-10 New Yorker’s had already had coronavirus. We are now 21 months into it. Surely by now we have all been exposed.

And that is why the way the media and the news doesn’t fairly represent the facts of COVID, presenting it in such a way as to make the viewer believe you must avoid coming into contact with it.

That ship sailed months ago.

We have all been exposed, numerous times. You just don’t think you have because you aren’t sick.


If you are healthy and have been vaccinated you are more than ready to live your life coronavirus free. Celebrate the victory.

If you are healthy and haven’t been vaccinated, get a test anyway and see if you have anti-bodies. At least if you have that answer you can know whether or not you might have possible immunity or have built up an immunity to the virus because you had it previously.

Too many people falsely believe masks are effective. It is sad that people wear masks because it means they are frightened, and the reason for this is because media misrepresents the truth, and our nations top doctor’s feel it necessary for people to live in constant vigilance from death, which is to say they are not living, they are merely pre-occupied with avoiding death from a disease that is still only capable getting 2% of the population sick.

The numbers don’t lie. Science tells us we have run the race against time in this case, this virus has been beaten.

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