Why Doesn’t Humanity Care About North Koreans?

I get it. We all despise Kim Jung Un. He is a fat, despotic tyrant who is now three generations of dictator.

This tyrant, this obese caricature of a supposed ruler, is letting his people starve. This week the North Korean government tolds its 21 million people to fend for themselves. The government would no longer be able to feed them. Factory workers are to return to the fields, people in the fields need to grow more rice just to feed themselves. There is no help coming and it will be like this for at least 36 very long months, 60% of the time it will be around freezing.

China is allowing North Korea to starve. Thanks Xi. Now we know how you really feel about your friends.

Maybe I am naive, but if it is okay that the world allows 21 million people in one country to starve to death, what does that say about humanity?

Is there no hope for the North Korean people?

They are really just like South Korean people. They have children, they have jobs, they want to live a good life and they probably hate Kim Jung Un as much as do we, perhaps even more so since they actually have to live under this horrible and species-embarrassing regime.

My first thought was to organize an international food drop, but fatso would hoard it and give it to his fellow oligarchs, the thirty or so families who actually control North Korea.

My second thought was to write to Joe Biden. It lasted a second.

Unless there is a political interest, Biden & Co could give a shit about human beings. They don’t even care about the wound they are inflicting now on San Diego, LA, Phoenix and Houston by letting cartels flood the southern U.S.

I wonder if TBG (“The big guy”) is getting a kick-back from the cartels in Mexico. He should be.

Perhaps Hunter Biden could get a good job with Los Zetas, but they would probably want to keep him away from the stash for fear of abuse.

My third thought was to write this blog and tell everyone how ashamed I am at my privilege as an American compared to the suffering across the sea in this little hermit kingdom.

I will never see my neighbor sell his house for food, nor will I ever have to beg on the streets for a piece of bacon, nor will my government tell me to go work in the fields if I want to eat tonight; nor will my associates, family members and countrymen be subject to incarceration for complaining about how bad our government treats them.

Last night I thought about all of those North Koreans who, even now, are crying out for help in a world filled with deaf ears, deaf to suffering, yet pre-occupied nevertheless, to protesting sufferings committed a century ago.

The Most Highs judge us by our achievements and our failures.

God is watching to see how we resolve these human issues of such enormous importance.

So goes the least of us, so goes society. Our collective stength is only as strong as our weakest link.

We would, if we will, use our tech to improve peoples’ lives everywhere.

Despots would go a long way in feeding their people; they would be worshipped for doing so.

No one is worshipping pig-boy today. Fatigue sets in early when you haven’t had a meal in a few days, says the womsn starving in the street not just in North Korea, but everywhere else.

Kim Jung Un should realize Xi is not his friend. If he was, the Chinese ruler wouldn’t let his friends’ family starve to death.

I am sure there is an ancient Chinese proverb around somewhere that addresses this very issue.

In the meantime, is there any way ee Americans and Amazon can airlift 20 tons of Starkist Tuna into Pyongyang?

I would be happy to set up a go-fund-me page to raise the money, and if every American donated one can of Tuna per person, which amounts to about 25 bucks, we could save the people of North Korea and prevent mass starvation.

Who is in?

Can I count on your support?

Jeff Bezos, where are you?!

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