Dark Age Redux

Starting today you will only be able to read my articles if you follow me on Twitter, that is to say, you are invited.

The reason for this is because the United States Government is now flexing its muscles by labeling people who love their country and love liberty as extremists. I am not an extremist. My ideology hasn’t changed. I deplore any group that causes violence or spews racist or otherwise hateful language.

What I have always despised is big, powerful and destructive government, which is what we have right now.

As a reminder, I grew up liberally minded until I started to see liberty slowly fading, being replaced by people who don’t like politically-heated debate.

Then came social media and the army of trolls who bully non-conformers into silence, backed now by a president and media who align with the progressive Left, who, in my opinion, have become the Schutzstaffel, brownshirts for the new order which espouses tolerance but shows little, preaches inclusion when it excludes any dissenters, and promotes diversity of color but not of opinion.

People who love the principles of American freedom and equality, and who actually espouse tolerance, diversity of opinion and equality (the basic freedoms we all have by inhertiance) have now been identified as ‘dangerous’ by Congressperson Nancy Pelosi and others within the U.S. government. This is not good. This will end badly.

The Capitol Police (a federal police force) are being disspatched to locations like Los Angeles and somewhere in Florida to “seek out extremists.” Maybe there are white supremacy groups in this areas. If so, I hope the local police will take care of it. I am no fan of racist groups, including BLM and Antifa. They are all the same for me.

Extremism is a subjective word and can bmean anything the government wants it to mean. Girls who loved in The Beatles in 1964 could fall under the definition of being an extremists group if Johnson had decalred it.

But a national police force to seek out people who are mostly political opponents has come to America under the guise of “protection,” from terrorism. 9/11 can now be seen as practice. The enemy moved from being an international threat to a homegrown threat. It started when the President signed into law the Domestic Terrorism Act to “root out white nationalism; not racism, not terrorism, but “extremist who are proud of American principles and history.

Today, it happens to be people who are against Leftist policy being targeted as potential threats to national security.

We did not see this under Trump. Remember that point.

If you are against CRT, you might be an extremist. If you do not agree with all LGBTQ advocacy, you could be an extremist. If you believe America is the geatest country on earth, you might be dangerous. If you are a climate denier, you pose a threat to the environment and are deemed a threat. If you aren’t vaxxed, you could be deadly, your movements may have to be restricted.

Are my words inciting people? I don’t think so.

When I criticize the U.S government by calling out hypocrisy am I on the edge of being an extremist? I do not know. If they label me as such, what are my rights to due process?

If I tell the the truth am I dangerous? Was Julian Assange dangerous? Was Thomas Paine seen as dangerous by the British Crown?

Yes he was.

I am only an American citizen with a job and a family and I so love this country. I love all American’s even if they don’t think much of this country. I think everyone should be free to enjoy their life. Are these extremist views?

I am going to go off the grid with my writings. Follow me, engage if you wish, and know that my intent is to remind people why we should treasure our God-given liberty of free will, it’s our only real possession. But being off the grid allows me to expand and expose even more ideals I think are worth writing about.

I write because it’s the only way I can live. But I also don’t need the government breathing down my neck. I don’t like the current administration, and I don’t care much for the woke crowd either, so if that makes me a threat, then I will go private so that people who share my views can enjoy my ideas.

To the rest of you, in the words of John Nolte, go fuck yourself.


  1. Really?!!!!
    What happened to make you change your mind so fast?
    You just posted this about 20 hours ago!
    I’m glad you are back, looking forward to more articles!
    All the best!


  2. Well it is to bad you are not to be placing your writings here any longer. You do realize that Twitter is just as bad as FB. If they do not like your content they will censor you.
    Have been censored on WordPress?
    I am not on Twitter because of it’s censorship policies, I got off of it a few years back, and will not return on to it.
    So I wish you the best. Thank you for your postings, which has spoken truth.
    May God bless you and lead you to His everlasting Salvation, which will cause you to walk in His Path of True Love and Peace, due to the forgiveness of your sins, and will assist you to walk in His light of Truth, Righteousness, which shall reveal His Glory……
    For He is coming to bring Judgement against ALL who work evil in this present world, where Lawlessness rules and reigns.


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