The Modern Oppressors. The Modern Oppressed.

The tables have turned. The oppressed have become the oppressors.

Critcal Race Thoery (CRT) teaches White man is the oppressor. I argue today the real oppressed are those who must put up with and tolerate institutions who use race and gender activism to oppress the rest of society, including everyone who doesn’t buy into the class-race-gender-struggle theory, a theory that asserts if you oppose privilege status to these ‘oppressed’ groups you are thereby supporting discrimination.

It’s clever manipulation by those who take advantage of people’s moral generosity and compassion.

The people who are most oppressed today are children.

They are subject to the whims of endless psychological and cultural experimentation. Children must suffer the ongoing pangs of emotional vomit that comes spewing out of the mouths and minds of modern adults trying to create a perfect society from garbage pop-culture psychoanalysis based on the drivelings of a 19th Century cocaine addict named Sigmund Freud.

Today children are taught fabrications of reality, young minds corrupted everywhere, led down Alice-In-Wonderland paths that go nowhere but inward, an eternal hell of self-absorbtion and narcissism.

School administrators are mandating the instruction of cultural filth by instituting a curriculum of reverse racial indoctrination (that the oppressor is always white).

In media, script writers and producers invert their twisted views of gender reality with injecting wokeism where girls look like boys, boys look like girls and adults act and speak like children.

The oppressed are also young white males who are being told they are inferior because of the inherent defect of being a racist and that women, people of color and anyone who doesn’t look like you is better than you because you are a white male.

If that doesn’t stunt self-esteem I’m not sure what will.

The oppressed are also young black children who are brainwashed into thinking the country hates them and they should feel unsafe even by the laws that govern a free and civil society.

The same government that cries “systemic racism,” is the origin of it. Opportunistic civic leaders use division to retain their power.

The opressed are also the curious young adult minds full of spirit and wonder when they embark to university, only to have their values questioned by arrogant professors who crush idealism with their own dark nihilism and hopeless philosophy, teaching them to hate the government, hate the established order and to be intolerant of institutional knowledge and market principles that have lifted so many people out of poverty.

It seems almost demonic in some way, as though there is a secret order of people, who, from kindergarten to college, have a singular aim to corrupt our children away from values we instilled in them, values like loyalty, forbearance, service to others, patience, respect for authority and living the golden rule.

These philsophies are undermined almost from the start one education begins. Instead children are taught class envy, struggle, communism, service to the ‘common good,’ equity of outcome, sameness, activism, dissent, relativism (the the thoery that there is no absolute truth) and today, emphasis on gender and race identity.

Kids go in hopeful and optimistic, they come out hateful and pessimistic about life.

My 21 year old niece attends a New York University and she is now a faithful believer that systemic-racism is everywhere and our culture and needs to be “re-imagined;” and further, that climate change will make life unliveable in 50 years.

She also despises wealth and has never had a paying job. But she does believe the world will be destroyed in 27 years unless we completely build a new society based on Marxist principles.

Who empowers this strategem of teaching young minds such anti-liberty filth? When did our education class take the reigns on re-strucuturimg social order?

Family life, home life is where values are taught, not institutions influenced by the temporal whims of a vascillating and selfish culture.

The oppressor is the State.

Judgement has been deferred to the State. It’s why they, and not we, shut society down for a virus that only kills 2% of the elderly population, most of whom have underlying conditions.

It may also be why the common man was so compliant in allowing the State to have so much power.

We abdicated it to them out of confusion and fear, and a ferevent hope they would save us.

Instead, they lashed us with incredible harm and deference. Only political gains mattered to these self-serving pigs like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine “impeach 45” Water, even to the present day.

It’s sado-masochistic that someone like President Joe Biden, who spent a lifetime creating laws that resulted in the imprisonment of a disproportionally high number of people of color (from mostly inner city crime), declares a war on racism.

Add to this Biden is creating a class struggle by creating a border situation where millions of illegal immigrants are pouring into the U.S., and then being moved throughout the United States, where the influx will put downward pressure on social services, education, healthcare and employment for citizens.

These policies will almost assuredly create future conflict and struggle between citizens and non-citizens.

Or take the hypcorisy of Vice President Kamala Harris, who uses the same rhetoric as Biden when she has been a recipient of many great programs specifically benefiting women of color. Harris’ bona fides speak volumes about her privilege and ascension in government. It is the height of of ultimate hypocrisy when Harris cries out how CRT is “fundamental to fighting systemic racism.”

And finally, the oppressed are the ageing population who must now endure high crime and a lawless society because our leaders continue to be compliant in allowing criminals to destroy the fabric of modern life. No longer do seniors, people who worked hard their entire lives, go out forvfear of being shot or violently attacked. They hide their homes at nightfall with curtains drawn.

These are the oppressors: State governors who decided to make it illegal for you to work, for you to leave your home, for you to see your family; that prevented you from sending your children to school.

These same leaders who used a virus to usurp power here and abroad are the real oppressors of the modern age, leadership who allow thugs to intimidate in the name of so-calledracial justice, but who call patriotic Americans extremists.

I predict the cumulative forces of a giant silent majority will fight back with great ferocity.

When pricked enough by the oppressors of modern society, there willl be a tidal protest and rejection of those who teach false truth and anti-Judeo-Christian principles which are the bedrock of our country, no matter your color or race.

No longer will we tolerate the ones who divide society into oppressed groups they can control and regulate, through speech, through words such as these I write today, or images we can or cannot see; it is these oppressors who will one day pay an awful price for their psychological extortion in depriving people of life, liberty, and a pursuit of happiness.

I predict those who push dissent and division today will pay a sad price once the common people of America have had enough.

News rooms will burn (become almost non supported), social media tech overlords will be hung (masses will simply lose interest), and government elites who hide behind walls in Chevy Chase, Maryland will burn at the stake (not get re-elec ted at home).

A day of reckoning is coming. The ancestors of the revolutionaty war will rise again.

It is not a question of IF, but WHEN.

And all of this is driven by the hatred of the progressive Left, the true oppressors of modern society.

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