The Weather Channel Is Now Pure Climate Change Propaganda

Several years ago when the folks at MSNBC took over The Weather Channel, the effort began to turn TWC into a propaganda machine for Climate Change fear porn. 

At first the implications were subtle. They didn’t utter “climate change” until after Obama got into office and declared man-made climate change as “settled science,” or as our former commander-in-chief declared, settled by consensus.

Science is never settled by consensus. The theory is, based on computer models, that pumping excess carbon into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels is causing a greenhouse effect driving global warming. They even gave it a name: anthropogenic climate change.

Once this theory was embraced by the global intelligentsia (people who are smarter than the rest of humanity and who do studies that are funded by you and me), they were off to the races. Now everything is caused by climate change, even the collapsing building in Surfside, Florida was a result of (man-made) climate change, according to the “experts.”

The heatwave  in the Northwest was because of man-made climate change; the winter storm that froze the Texas electric grid was also caused by man-made climate change. California Governor Gavin Newsom declared on live TV that all fires in California are because of man-made climate change. And every single time you hear something is “record breaking,” even the intonation of it being record-breaking implies it is directly caused by, and further evidence of, anthropogenic climate change.

In other words, every naturally destructive event that happens in the climate is our fault. Anyone who dies because of the climate means we have blood on our hands.

The secondary message is not only is the climate our fault, but the only way to fix it is to allow the “experts” to conduct central plan energy redistribution.

This week 185 nations have signed on to the 15% global tax paid by each country towards things like, you guess it, fighting climate change

The experts tell us by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels, which means higher prices for renewables, we save the climate (earth); we reverse the warming and it will naturally go back to the world being cooler which will prevent the seas from rising, the glaciers will return and we can all lower our thermostats again.

If you believe any of this, you may want to consider seeking therapy.

Climate change is about as natural as a volcano erupting, or the sun flaring cosmic rays at us- two things can change the climate more than we ever could.

What man does is mostly generate trash, and had environmental advocacy kept its course on curbing pollution and waste, I would have remained a happy supporter of the cause. But Al Gore decided it had to be about energy, not waste or pollution, and because of this shift, we have continued to pollute and waste while we waste valuable resources in order to ‘change the weather.’

Long before we all die from rising sea levels we will probably die from cancer causing plastics and poor water quality. More people die from heart-disease from smog than warm weather.

Just now, while penning this article, chief weather babe on The Weather Channel Jen Carfagno stated, “scientists say the Florida building collapse is a “wake up call” on fighting climate change.” And she said it with a smile.

Do you hear the propaganda? We caused that building to collapse? Not the humidity, not the salty air, nor the fact that the building is over forty-years old and full of neglect. No, these things had nothing to do with those things, but climate change was the primary cause?

IF it is true that burning fossil fuels is driving climate change towards a warmer period, even if we and Europe went completely renewable today (which would throw us back into the stone age), China and India, who are responsible for 70% of the carbon output from coal plants, will never change their energy policy because they have too many people to feed, and switching to renewables would mean death and starvation for two-billion people.

What good is it to “save the planet” if everyone is dying from starvation and freezing?

It is an insult to my intelligence that the Weather Channel has adopted, or is following a political directive, to misrepresented scientific data as being due to climate change brought on by human activity, something that can be controlled. Pushing politically- driven science undermines their own credibility and reliability. I used to watch TWC for much of the day during the summer (I live in Florida). But I cannot listen to straight-up propaganda telling me I fucked up the planet.

The hubris is that we believe we have that much influence on global environmental affairs. Perhaps we do. Perhaps if every single country turned off the lights the earth would gradually cool down, but then what?

We live in huts and eat tofu?

Spare me the bullshit and give me the weather. I don’t care about the records being broken. Our measuring is better and I suspect much of our early data from 1850 onward was specuative at most. So comparing today’s weather with one hundred years ago is like measuring snowfall from a century ago. The snow falls. It rains, there are hurricanes and yes, there are floods. People have had these problems long before we started driving cars. 10,000 years ago there was an Ice Age. Earth is in a cyclical warming period, and in about 20,000 years the earth will start to get cool again. This has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years. It’s called Science.

Carbon also fuels vegetative growth, which is good for plants and trees. Carbon is naturally produced by the earth. Two volcanoes spew more carbon annually than does man. The Pacific floor oozes methane and carbon, two of the so-called green gases. Oil seeps from the streets of Los Angeles. The earth shits carbon.

You have been hoodwinked into believing you create pain and suffering for humanity by the mere fact that you drive a car or use electricity. The people at The Weather Channel are paid to scare you into compliance.

Someday you will hear yourself say “it’s okay to pay a carbon tax because it helps save the planet.” Maybe you are already saying that in your head.

Propaganda works.

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