Rome Speaks To Us Today

When Rome fell in 476 AD, it was an arduously lengthy disintegration. There was ever increasing poverty, unrest, violence, moral deprivation and lack of civil support. Roads, buildings, the courts, institutions simply broke down and the people became desperate and lost.  

It didn’t happen at once and was an accumulation a slow erosion brought on by demands of an ever-growing empire.

It might have had its beginnings of decline in 79 AD when Roman armies put down Jewish protestors and destroyed Jerusalem. Titus was Emperor of Rome, and by then there were already signs the once-great Cesarean empire was losing its control over its hegemony throughout the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern territories.

Science reminds us of the law of diminishing returns. The larger you become the more energy required to sustain expansion. Once you achieve your limit you start to recede, like the tide.


Someone wise observed there are nine stages to any event. Each stage is defined as the beginning, the middle and the end. Within these primary stages are also a beginning, middle and end stage.

9/11 probably marked the beginning towards a long march towards collapse and a re-shifting of demographic alliances in the Occidental West. That was the beginning of the beginning stage towards possible eventual collapse.

The introduction to massive social media to a mostly uninformed populace has exacerbated the worst of human social conduct; the iPhone, with all of its wonder and technological whiz, initiated the “middle” of the beginning stage towards social disruption, and COVID now brings us towards the end of the first stage of our eventual demise as America the Great.  If life were a play, COVID marks the end of Act One

Mass acceptance of illogical cultural belief systems (which have more or less replaced superstition), fledgling birth rates, downtrending of marriage and family, racial strife, political barrenness, refugee migration and mixing of culture, along with corporate exploitation, and even a trending away from established religious values are all indicators of social decay.

We are in the beginning of the middle phase.

There is always a chance to turn things around, but as we inch closer towards the middle of the “Middle” stage, the inertia towards collapse becomes harder to resist. A war or massive economic collapse, anything that results in massive global disorientation, signals our crossing from the beginning of the middle stage, to the middle-middle stage towards the Great Fall.

Some could argue it took 300 years for Rome to collapse, why would America (and the West) collapse sooner; Aren’t we are more advanced?

Technology is the key component that determines acceleration. Things are simply moving much faster today than in Rome during the turn of that millennium. What “fell” was Rome’s influence and central cohesion so that when Rome could longer maintain ‘order’ dissent grew and society began to revert back to its previous stage.

What followed was a thousand years of reset, what we now call the Dark Ages, or what I call, the First Great Fall.

Already in the U.S. you are starting to see territories starting to regroup, regressing back to ‘territorial boundaries with a disdain of central government.’ Red States, Blue States, even certain states wanting to join other similarly-ideologically-aligned areas (The Idaho-Oregon initiative, for example). In Europe with massive numbers of migrants and decreasing numbers of Europeans being born, two generations from now it is likely there will either be a majority Muslim society or there will be battles in places like France, Germany and Belgium between factions of Europeans and Muslims who fight for cultural dominance.. China, based in increasing stories of internal dissent, will collapse of it’s one weight at some point because the CCP will eventually lose popular support due to the horrendous quality of life most of whom will never escape.

Wth inner cities falling apart, rural areas become the last bastions of safety and food. These may become the future hibernation areas where small clusters can settle and wait out the oncoming age as society attempts to stitch itself back together again after the Great Fall.

No country, or society can prevent its own collapse if you have

-mass ignorance within the population

-mass corruption of leadership controlling the population

– apathy or dissent among the more productive members of the population.

Tough times ahead, indeed.

If you are one of those people who worry about the climate, you might adjust your concerns for an even greater threat: Societal collapse brought on by both stupid leadership and an immature race of human beings who couldn’t handle the luxury our forefathers built for us: we are failing to be wise stewards of our great and precious planet, and it has nothing to do with how much oil we pump out of the ground.

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