Memo To Britney Spears

I like Britney Spears. I think she has great talent, beauty and is probably much smarter than we think, despite her problems.

To me Britney took the reigns from the burnt out and overly self-serving and political Madonna, and seemed to have much more quality to her music than the Spice Girls at the time. I know this because my 5 -year old daughter was a big fan of Ms. Spears.

I believe Britney’s biggest problem is not her, but the people who surround her, raptors and evil sycophants who exploit her for every ounce of gold they can squeeze from her fame and fortune, contorted individuals who little talent nor soul, but are excellent at sucking up to talented people like Britney and bleeding them dry, milking this cow for everything they can get. 

And this is why I hate the entertainment industry. They exploit with great pleasure, especially people like Spears, who sell millions of albums to young girls who want to be just like her. And then after sucking life out of people for self-serving reasons, they preach to us about morality.

The industry drove Britney crazy. Everyone wanted a piece of her and no one she loved was qualified to protect her, especially her screwed up father who couldn’t handle fame any better than she. His impulse, probably misguided, was to get her on meds as soon as possible so she could be controlled. It’s the go-to in Hollywood when young stars surround themselves with deceptive agents and morally-bankrupt “handlers” who lead you down the path of chemical dependency.

To me the Britney Spears story is more about us as a culture, who see no problem in taking talented young people and turning them into messed-up performers on so many meds they can’t no longer function.

I wish I could help her. I would. I could help her realize she doesn’t need these assholes who tell her they are her friend.

She is also being driven crazy by medication. How do I know this? Because the first sign of mental illness is the over-prescription of medication.

Don’t believe me, look a list of famous stars who went crazy getting “treated for depression.” The list is longer than you think. It might surprise you. Think Francis Farmer, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Michael Hutchence, Prince.

Can we get back to the part where Britney can just write and perform songs, and let her be like Taylor Swift, promoting woke causes and climate change propoganda?

That would nice for her and for little girls everywhere?

And will someone who cares about Ms. Spears please keep her from being influenced by ne’er do-wells who simply want to coat-tail on her fame.

Memo to Britneyy. You don’t need them. Believe in yourself and get off the meds.

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