Mass Insanity Is Upon Us

If everyone is insane, what defines sanity?

Consider the following beliefs of the modern age:

Global climate change can be modified by human beings

Sex can be modified by human decisions

Central planning will solve humanity’s problems

The brain can be chemically controlled to be happy

People can start new life on Mars

Bear in mind most people believe these things like they believe the sky is blue. 

But when pressed to explain why they believe these things, almost everyone who answers will have no evidence to prove their assertion; we simply believe them because everyone else does. This is what consensus means. 

Consider the following things we used to believe in under a century ago:

People can have 16 different personalities in the same body

You can electrify a brain to “get it back to normal”

If you travel faster than the speed of sound your heart would stop beating

Certain races are inferior, less human

Drinking castor oil will make you give birth (if you are past your due date)

(that last item may actually be true)

My point is that people will and do believe in all kinds of things and sometimes these things are so beyond sane one has to wonder what sanity really is. If everyone believed the sun desired us to worship it or it would go dark and that God lived inside of it, how could you argue this? and yet for centuries many great religions believed this to be an absolute fact. Where they insane, or just superstitious because they didn’t have the answers?

Today, like then, discloses the same paradox. If everyone adopts a set of beliefs, does the number of people who believe it constitute such an idea as fact or represent insanity on a massive scale? And what does it portend when the masses accept untruths as truths?

Today we believe recycling ‘saves the planet,’ yet we consume like crazy; we believe if we drive electric cars the earth won’t get any hotter, yet electricity comes from fossil fuels; we are trying to eliminate; we believe a person can modify one’s sexual physical appearance because they “were born in the wrong body,” even though no mammal in the kingdom displays transexual ability.

What remains are two propositions. Either people are simply ignorant to causes and being led by uninformed or deceitful leaders OR the human species is losing its grip on reality.

When Rome fell in 476AD, it was an arduously lengthy disintegration. There was increasing poverty, unrest, violence, moral depravation and lack of civil support. Roads, building, even institutions simply broke down and the people became desperate and lost.

Someone with great wisdom once told me there are 9 stages to any event. Each stage is defined as the beginning, the middle and the end. Within these primary stages there is also a beginning, middle and end stage.

One day when America is no longer a formidable and resilient Republic, historians will evaluate our beginnings, middle and end. I believe America as we know it will cease to exist by 2076, giving us three-hundred years on the pages of history. We are now in the last part of the end of this stage.

9/11, or perhaps the Kennedy assinations probably marked the beginning of the end towards a long march towards eventual collapse, the beginnings of re-shifting of demographic alliances.

The introduction to massive social media to a mostly uninformed populace has exacerbated the worst of human social conduct; the iPhone, with all of its wonder and technological whiz, initiated the “middle” of the beginning stage towards social collapse, and COVID now brings us towards the end of this stage of towards the climactic demise of America the Great.

Mass acceptance of illogical cultural belief systems (which have more or less replaced superstition), fledging birth rates, downtrending of marriage and family, racial strife, political barrenness, corporate exploitation, and even a trending away from established religious values are all indicators of social decay.

There is always a chance to turn things around, but as we inch closer towards the end of this stage, the inertia towards collapse becomes harder to resist. There is such a thing as a point of no return.

A mass awakening of the more intelligent and sober members of society is required to stem the slow destruction of the best society in history, the open-market, liberty-based society. A free society of individuals who have self-determination progressive. It has been the goal of the ages, and now we have it.

These are the discussions that are required among the more mature members of our society.

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