What Do Black Americans Really Want?

Let’s have a dicussion.

What do Black Americans really want?

I was listening to the recently-launched Black Information Network (BIN), Tavis Smiley’s partnership venture with iHeartMedia.

It was mostly shows talking about racial equity, how the system is racist and how Black people need to assert themselves and resist being systematically being targeted by a racist society.

I don’t imagine many White people listen. It’s not for them.

It’s for BIPOC, right? It’s about the issues that face people of color. And the only issues that seem to matter are how BIPOC are the victims of a society that is inherently racist.

iHeartMedia was smart to launch the network. Not only did it appease the African-American activist community, but it was a good-will gesture on the part of the network to establish its connection with the overall Black community. As a side benefit, it also attracted corporate sponsors who need a way to virtue signal in the form of millions of dollars in sponsorships.

No one seemed to notice there were already hundreds of radio stations that already serve the African-American community.

I will refrain from offering further opinion on how sickening the virtue signaling makes me, because at the end of the day, BIN is being funded, actually, its being publicly subsidized, and it produces nothing of real value accept to allow BIPOC a channel where they can talk about how unfair America is to BIPOC.

More troubling is how BIN can now use the now-subsidized-by-guilt airwaves to promote Marxism and Socialism, which leads me to my main question: what kind of country does the BIPOC community want once everything has been transformed?

Will we be a country of equal outcomes or equal opportunity?

When I look across the Atlantic ocean I see an ocean of countries in Africa who are decidedly Marxist or, worse, theocratic extremists who want to rule through strict Islamic law.

There are 54 countries on the continent of Africa. Many of them practice a form of African Socialism, and are ruled under what is called a Parliamentary Unitary Republic, which usually means a parliamentary legislature who gives the president authority.

I bring this up because I have heard hosts and guests on BIN say we should adopt some practices we see in African nations that involve community-style judiciary and legislature that lean socialist.

We also know that Black Lives Matter promotes communism. So it begs the question, what kind of government does the BIPOC prefer?

Outside of a few exceptions, most of Africa is in dire poverty. If there was ever a greater argument for capitalism, look to Africa. And yet, people today suggest we adopt a less free, and more socialist-style government as if this will quell racism.

Most African countries adopted a socialist style of governing as a revolt against European colonialism. Citizens of these countries detested free market policies that created economic classes when they were ruled by Europeans, and so they fell in favor with more communal, or communist kinds of governing when the Europeans left. As a result, very few nations have risen out of poverty since the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Talk about equal outcomes.

When there are discussions about transforming American society to be more inclusive and more tolerant, one wonders how much more tolerant a country can be when it pays its athletes tens of millions of dollars to play games, or when it pay its actors millions of dollars to perform fantasy.

When one speculates on diversity and tolerance, only in America can a transgender woman who has won 10 Olympic Gold Medals as a male athlete, run for governor of the second largest economic power in the most liberal country in the world. Only in a tolerant society can a people that is 85% white elect a Black president, and then re-elect him again four years later.

When we look to the East for ideas on how to govern we should look at what fails in places where they have embraced socialism or communism.

And while the American system of governance is far from perfect, it is also the most generous and wealthiest country on earth.

So if the goal is to be more like other countries, all that is required is for us is to waste our resources and destroy those symbols that call for freedom and liberty.

Today corporate America heartedly gives voice (and money) to address the plight of racism in our society.

Tomorrow, as a socialist country, if corporate America has been obliterated by socialist policy, the only way something like a BIN can ever be possible is if it is taken by force, as it is in places like Chad, Somalia, DRC or Kenya, where true cruelty exists under the guise of equity.

As a kid growing up in poor black and hispanic Los Angeles, I learned early that whenever I thought my life was bad, all I had to do is look at my neighbor to see they had it for worse. But no one has it as bad as the family who fears every single morning that today may be the day their children are stolen and sold into a radical religious or political group that hates its country so much they are willing to kill everyone just to make it theirs.

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  1. Here’s a thought: Each person is an individual. If one person wishes to tell you what they want, they’ll tell you. Personally, I don’t need to know. Each person leads their own life. It’s not group think.


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