What The Hell Happened To Our News Media

There are some days when I watch or hear the news and I feel as if I am being betrayed by my own fellow countrymen. 

Do you ever feel that way?

For example, when I see Dr. Anthony Fauci giving continual advice that every single person must take the covid vaccine, and yet that same news channel fails to mention there are real global concerns – even the W.H.O. – in having our young people take the vaccines until more research can be made. I should make you angry because millions of people are being lied to, or in the least, being misinformed where the result could lead to a family member being killed by a vaccine shot they may or may not need to take. This misinformation tactic falls squarely on a negligent news media who knows better, but fail to reveal the facts in order NOT to dissuade people from get vaccinated.

It’s selective news delivery. It’s also dangerous because many parents could lose their teenage boys to a vaccine they don’t need to take right now as long as the more vulnerable population has been vaccinated, which we have accomplished.

It has gone beyond frequent on TV, cable, radio, in social media and online where these agents clearly obfuscating all kinds of messages when it comes to our health and our well-being.

They do it intentionally because they believe we are not intelligent enough to make a balanced decision or a risk assessment based on a complete set of facts.

Let us say, for example that data shows men ages 18 to 34 have a .003% chance of getting sick from COVID, but the vaccine they take gives them a .03% chance of getting sick, permanently injured or even killed from taking the vaccine. Knowing which is the riskier proposition gives you and I the opportunity to make an informed decision.

Why won’t they give us this information?

Science, in case you haven’t noticed, has been completely politicized. 

Let me give you another example.

Medis has decided you and I can not have a public discussion about transgenderism. Anyone who even suggests it might just be a mental illness is out. You are called a hater if you suggest gender dysphoria is an emotional issue and not a biological one.

It is now apparent major media has chosen sides on this issue and are now aggressively pushing the narrative that anyone who identifies as transgender has a right to adopt the identity and we all have a moral and ethical obligation to support and accept it without any kind of “conversation.” 

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has long held the diagnosis of gender dysphoria is broadly rooted in an emotional disorder with underlying causes being treatable with therapy, and in some cases anti-depression medication. In most cases people grow out of the feeling “they are in the wrong body,” because they get to the root of what may be causing the emotional anxiety. Many times GDD stems from sexual abuse, but not always. It can also be undeveloped emotional response to puberty, which is caused by hormonal development and actual secretions in the body that can cause emotional distress – a wholly biological event.

But if cultural norms dictate that every person who experiences gender dysphoria is entitled to unfettered access to transitioning or gender reassignment surgery, we are abusing people who simply have a mental issue they need to resolve, or may resolve itself over time.

Think about those who suffer from bulimia or anorexia. People who suffer from anorexia see themselves as obese even when they are extremely thin. They can stare in the mirror at a total imacated body and still only “see” themselves as fat. Would it not be abuse to enable that by supporting their illusion and encouraging them to starve because it is their right?

Of course we wouldn’t.

And yet to a person who “sees” themselves at the age of 10 or 16 as being something other than who they are, we would encourage them to seek gender re-assignment surgery, suggest that they remove body parts because it feels right?

How is this not outright abuse?

Let me ask you something. How does anyone know they are born in the wrong body unless you have had the experience of living in the other body and being able to compare the two?

How do you know the other body will be the right one? What if it isn’t? What then, go back?

Decades from now our ancestors will wonder where we ever got the idea that changing sex was appropriate based on a feeling.

If science were truly honest, it would push back against the notion that we are biologically transferable. There is nothing in nature that displays this anomaly. And if there is, it is the absolute exception, not the rule. Science, instead, sees this as a huge financial windfall, one that compromises their ability to take an ethical stand on the issue. It will be to their future credibility – and trust – they will lose both because of their actions today, not unlike when the American Medical Association declared smoking cigarettes a healthy lifestyle choice during the 1940’s.

Human beings can make themselves believe anything, and in our current age, far too many people have the luxury of being obsessed about their sexual identity, to the point of fetishism. Sadly, this is the predominant culture and its what is being promoted every single day, to the detriment of millions of families who have to clean up the mess.

Do the human beings who run these major news corporations really understand the harm they are causing Americans because of their influence, with spreading misinformation and faulty guidance because it might generate ratings, or increased ad dollars, or political favor?

Do the heads at Disney really understand they are enabling pedophila just to appeasea group of misguided people who simply can’t stop thinking about their identity?

How on earth does Jeff Zucker and Rick Klein sleep at night knowing their hands are on the lever of popular opinion that can be directed to help or harm quality of life in this country for everyone?

How irresponsible are these news directors and reporters to promote partial truths and hide facts which prevent thinking adults from knowing the real issues having to do Covid treatment, or mental issues, or even moral issues that affect children and family? 

Who are the disseminators of information who give promotion and blessing to a culture of narcism enabling low moral behavior while sanctifying violence as legitimate retribution, or gives nod to anti-democratic principles such as fair play and equal protection in exchange for mob-intimidation and property destruction – just to drive the ratrings up?! 

How pathetic.

To compare these people to Joseph Goebbels would be an insult to Goebbels, the man who orchestrated Hitler’s propoganda to win support of the Third Reich and to Hitlers’ Final Solution ideology.

Is it any different to promote reverse racism in its outlet in order to instill guilt to people based on skin color? Is this the new role of ABC/Disney, or NBC/Universal, or CBS/Viacom?

Are these the extensions of the new government sponsored Ministry of Truth, or even of Insoc itself? (InSoc is the government-controlled media in George Orwell’s 1984)

As a direct comparison, all of our major news U.S. media, with but few exception, as well as digital and social media are pushing the following narratives in an effort to influence public support towards the following belief systems:

Transgenderism is a right 

Climate Change is humanities fault and the world will be destroyed unless we end fossil fuel usage, which will require every single human being to pay for expensive energy

Critical Race Theory and 1619 are factual representations of history 

Whites are inherently racist

Donald Trump – and by de facto anyone who supports him- could be a potential extremist

And of course there are many, many other mistruths being spewed daily..

Most of the time we were misled about Covid, now we are being misled about the vaccinations. It never ends.

How does it feel to know the largest and the most free Press network in the world is choosing as its model continual deceit and misinformation in order to serve the power elite?

Personally, it makes me sick. How about you?

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