Let’s All Have Our Own Flags

Macy whatever-her-last-name is says she hates the American flag, we need to replace it. She’s a pop star so we need to listen to her.

In Boston, at a camp for kids, the Christian flag can’t be raised alongside other flags (I wasn’t even aware the was a Christian flag). Because it’s a Christian flag it might offend non-Christians. Maybe because they are reminded they won’t get to meet Jesus.

Others have also suggested we create a new flag that truly represents the diversity of America, something like the black and white fist superimposed with three consonants: The BLM flag.

Nothing says inclusion more than a clenched fist.

LGBTQ has the Pride flag, inclusive because it has every color. Transgender folk have a pink flag; feminists have a vagina flag. Ihop also has a flag. Even pancakes have a flag!

Why can’t I have my own flag? I want one.

It is not inclusive and quite discriminatory for me not be allowed to wave my own flag.

My flag would yellow and blue with a red circle in the middle of a green dot. It doesn’t mean anything but I like the colors and it is unique, it stands for my uniqueness. I want to wave it and you can’t stop me.

Flags started out as a way for tribes to mark their territory, to show who was who in a war, and whoever’s flag was hoisted at the end of battle was the one in charge.

Flags also used to be a marker so you knew if you were in enemy territory. YOu always kept on eye on a flag so you can see if you wandered too far off your territory.

The early seafarers would hoist flags on their boats to show what country or tribe they came from. And depending on how another tribe might feel about you, that flag would determine whether or not you lived. If you had no flag, you could be taken as a slave or killed on the spot.

Flags, like skin markings and paint, led to artistry; tattoo art and women’s makeup. Flags also evolved to representing causes, like the POW/MIA flag. But early in our history, flags mostly represented our attempts to distinguish ourselves from one another.

I respect the UN flag because everyone is included, every nation. Isn’t that what it’s all about? No more tribes that set us apart from one another? With but few exceptions, flags separate us more than they unite. In the world today there are 207 flags, each representing its terriroty. Not much has changed since the stone age.

The US flag represents 13 colonies agreeing to treat each other on equal terms, and also includes the stars for each State in the growing union, each treating the other with mutual respect for its laws and citizens. It’s a great flag and gives hope to hundreds of millions of people everywhere in the world who love freedom. As a kid I have warm memories of being indoctrinated by my second grade teacher who urged us to color the American flag.

It’s only the sourpusses today who have different flags in our country who think the United States flag is no longer a great nation. For them, the flag is not about inclusion, its about solidarity, which means not everyone is invited. Does that sound like diversity?

The only possible answer to all of this is for each of us to have our own flag, this way we can all feel included, and if you don’t like my flag, at least you can have your own.

Isn’t it great to live in a nation of children?

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