Welcome to Biden Country

What made the whole thing crazy is no one really thought Biden could win. Kind of like no one really thought Hitler would rise to command the entire German army.

Those who did think Joe could get more votes than Trump only thought so because they hated Trump so much they fell to believing the majority must be on their side. It wasn’t so much a referendum on Joe being the better choice, but by Trump being Lucifer.

Nothing to See Here

I believe there was massive double voting, or voting by proxy, taking someone else’s ballot and voting more in another person’s name.

I also believe there were massive dumps, that is to say, the operatives who hated Trump had back up stashes of falsely filled out ballots, ready to dump if

Trump’s numbers were getting too high. Almost half of all voters don’t think the election was pure as silk. Anyone who believes Biden ran a better campaign probably also thinks impossible burgers taste like real meat.

In Atlanta there was the fake water pipe burst that made everyone evacuate the voting elections center; in Minneapolis there were videos of a 2:00AM drop off of ballots where no one seems to know their origins; in Philadelphia it seems there were missing or late ballots counted, and in Phoenix there were ballots added from counties where there were more ballots than actual voters, all voting for Joe Biden

A person with a fifth-grade education (half of the adults in government) could see there might be questions. There was plenty of pause to be given to see if there was malfeasance.  But if you did question it publicly, social media and MSM silenced you. You were marginalized. Radio hosts were fired for using the F word (fraud) or the S word (stolen).

Turn the Page

We also learn through a Time Magazine piece in February 2021 there is clearly presented evidence of collusion. Social media, particularly Google’s search engine algorithims, were fixed to sway public opinion against Trump up to the day of elections AND that Twitter and Facebook, along with major News outlets like the Washington Post and the New York Times, quashed any story having to do with Hunter or Joe Biden and the Chinese controversy exposed 10 days before the election.

Any other candidate would not have received so much protection.

Biden won ‘by a landslide,’ and is now the president. And those voters who showed up on January 6th to protest and who ended up storming the National Capital building are being called terrorists in an ‘insurrection.’

Contrasted with riots and protests occurring all summer outside of Washington over race and class struggle, one wonders why the Capitol event is being singled out as particularly worse.

Is it because Senators were threatened here, but not there?

Is it because the rioters were conservative and not liberal?

Is it because people waving BLM flags are less threatening than those carrying the Stars and Stripes?


And the Media told us so.

Is there any reason to believe the same players who orchestrated the 2020 elections would treat the January 6th event with any less fervor in making sure their version of reality is told? 

Who among us would expect honesty from the very leaders and media disseminators of dishonesty who got us here in the first place.

Power Through Secrets

We also just learned that Google and the State of Massachusetts took it upon themselves to install a COVID tracking app in people’s android phone “as a preliminary precaution” in the event users decide they want to use it. The only issue is no user was told they even had the tracking app on their phone.

5.5 million people were affected.

Is this the kind of egregious behavior we can expect from the gatekeepers of power and information, that they would so cavalierly go behind our collective backs “for our own good” and track people whom they see as ‘health threats’?

Today it is under the guise of health care or keeping the public safe, tomorrow it will be for those who pose a political or national security threat.

It Starts With Obeisance

We have seen power being taken during the pandemic; there is no reason to believe the same apparatus that operated then isn’t operating now and won’t operate tomorrow. 

If it was a mathematical formula, soft tyranny would be calculated as G (government) squared with M (media) x  Corporate Interests (C) = soft tyranny. 

To the person on the street soft tyranny begins being a minor but increasing annoyance that you can’t do something because you are simply not allowed to, or having to adopt a practice that you don’t like to do, like mask-wearing, or curfews.

Most people don’t want to lose privileges or be shamed so they go along.

The pandemic taught our rulers people were a lot easier to control than they expected them to be (because we were scared to death of a virus). 

Once the government realized they could use the media to push a narrative (i.e., new cases meant new deaths) and that people would comply, this knowledge infused these self-serving leaders with an enhanced desire to rule with ever greater authority.

Governor Gavin Newsom believes by paying everyone’s back rent in California, the renter as well as the landlord will pay their respects by withdrawing his recall. He may be right. The media will make hay of it and this will soften people who, three months ago, were sick of Newsom’s authoritarian rule.

Biden and Harris may also believe reparations may win back the Black vote in 2022, they may also be correct (depending how much the media props the effort in a good light).

I hope not.

Because if it is that easy to buy compliance, then the road from soft-tyranny to hard tyranny will be much faster

When reflecting upon the elections and the general state of affairs, pause to remember the people in the Capitol building were rioting because they felt the election was stolen AND they knew if it was stolen, then this new administration would be willing to do anything to keep its power and rule this country in perpetuity “for our own good.”

Gas prices are up, food costs more, crime is rampant, racial divisions grow, our borders are broken, more drugs are flowing in along with human trafficking, and our political enemies love that we are so generous with relaxed sanctions while our political allies are only too happy to have easy access to our generous resources.

Add to this all of those activists of all shapes and sizes who are only too thrilled to have corporate America throw virtue-cash at them in exchange for absolution.

Welcome to the first six months of 2021.

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