The Communion of Joe Biden

I thought it interesting this week that the Catholic Church is withholding Communion from Joe Biden, a Catholic.

Communion, for you non-Catholics, is when the Church, on behalf of God, allows you to participate in a ceremony that re-affirms your commitment to both God and The Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Communion is the re-enactment of the last evening of Jesus’ life when he ate his last supper with his twelve apostles. 

At the time, Jesus was aware he was about to be betrayed (by Judas Iscariot) and since his time with his twelve apostles was short, he wanted to enjoy one last evening before his final act (being arrested and ultimately crucified) was to be consummated.

The breaking of the bread, the drinking of the wine, Jesus said these things were a symbol of the friendship he had with his Apostles, and also was it Jesus desire to get rid of old forms and rituals such the blood sacrifice of animals. Communion was the ceremony that Jesus taught his apostles all believers could have with their father in heaven.

Uncle Joe being a Catholic has, in the eyes of the Church, not lived up to his duties as a Catholic. He endorses and promotes abortion, a sin; he promotes racism through the endorsement of Critical Race Theory for government employees (an anti religious philosophy that teaches white man is an oppressor race); and the President, through his actions and decrees, supports those things which give activism to transgender and gay policy the Church deems correctly as undermining family values and moral principles. 

The Catholic church, like Facebook and Twitter, is cutting him off from being allowed in. Oddly, the Left are decrying it as discriminatory, tantamount to charging God with not being inclusive. Humanity says to God, “how dare you not let him in!”

The hubris of man to declare who has access to God and for what reason is something I don’t adhere to, however, Joe will face his creator one day and he, like the rest of us, will be asked to give account of our stewardship in this place we call mortal life, and when that time comes, I don’t want to be Joe Biden.

But as for the Left decrying it as exclusionary, this point is equally preposterous. The Left cares as much about what God thinks as they care about what Trump thinks.

They hate God; he is after all, to blame for the suffering of all women, for making them subjugate to men for all of these thousands of years. Besides, didn’t academia already rid society of religion?  Why does the Left even care about what the Church (or God) says about their favorite new progressive foot soldier?

The Church is right to remind Uncle Joe he ultimately does answer to a higher power, and he should give thought to God before he gives heed to the millions of progressives who could give a shit about what God thinks. All presidents would be wise to give adherence to the Almighty if one gis to have so much influence over the affairs of men.

To not seek God’s wisdom would be foolish for any world leader, and the world is filled with foolish leaders.

Contrarily, the Church would be wise to remind itself that it’s own house remains in disorder due to the ongoing sexual scandals, as well as the entanglements it finds itself in with the Chinese Communist Party, and even now, with a Pope who naively advocates for socialism to the world, an ideology which proven itself more than deadly for the past two centuries, thanks to the Left.

The truth is Joe can have communion in his closet any time he chooses. Communion is for Catholics who really want to share the fellowship experience of Jesus friendship as well as God’s love.

On second thought, maybe communion is exactly what Joe Biden needs. We might all be better for it.

Get the Pope on the phone.

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