What’s In A Name?


There is a woman running against Lisa Murkowski for her Senate seat. Her name is Kelly Tshibaka.

Who can lose with a name like that? that’s like having a name like Kyrsten Sinema.

Chewbacca, a name everyone loves like a teddy bear. Tshibaka sounds unmistakably like the name of the Star Wars character. I hate to be as shallow as a Edie Brickell, but we Americans love those catchy names.

A good name provides instant interest and appeal. It is why so many performers change their names. It’s also why people with horrible names might not be as easily remembered, or even sometimes fail, like the Tucker automobile.

Anthony Blinkin is a horrible name. You expect a person with a last name like that to be sheepish and insecure, a nerd. And then you see Anthony Blinkin, and he looks like a nerd!

Trump isn’t exactly a good name, but it sounds tough. I guess it fits for the Donald.

Bob Zimmerman isn’t catchy if you are a poet, but Bob Dylan works perfectly. Archibald Leach may not get people into the theaters, but Carey Grant might. Marilyn Monroe found out the hard way Norma Jean would have been the better choice in the end to keep as a name. Marilyn was just too good a name to ignore.

Someday they should do a study on why certain names appeal to people better than others, why some names instill confidence, like Kennedy, or Roosevelt, but names like Coolidge or Polk do not. My last name is a toin cause. Watkins sounds someone choking on a piece of food, or someone who fixed your clocks, a Butlers name perhaps.

Hamilton, now there’s a sharp name and one that exudes, power, authority, reliability.

If you think names don’t matter, think about five last names that sound presidential and then ask yourself why.

Words are magical. This is why I wonder why some young people give such strange names to their kids., like T’shan, or Niveah (heaven backwards). Do your kids a favor, don’t give them names they will be teased over. Not good for self esteem. Think about what sounds good, think about names that exudes confidence and strength, and not just a name you plucked out of a TV show you liked when you were 19, or something you made up when you were stoned and found out you were pregnant.

What’s in a name? Everything you can imagine.

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