What Conversation?

You hear it all of the time. We need to have a conversation about racism, or it’s time to have a conversation about gender rights. The word conversation is used to imply a discussion which is to take place to resolve a particular issue, but usually the only conversation that takes place is one in which one party stays silent while the other party goes off about how much they have been oppressed. A real conversation is about, as Dennis Prager once said, identifying a specific point, addressing it, debating it, exploring resolutions and coming to an agreed-upon conclusion agreeable to all sides. That is a bonafide conversation.

What happens in today’s “conversation” is about encouragement of activism, to constantly demand a conversation about said issue without actually ever having an open and free exchange of ideas.

Take for example the following announcement that Revolt Black News and Vice Media Group showcases a nationally televised Town Hall & Celebration on June 19th, which featured “a forum to discuss change within the BLACK communities,” with “discussions and performances set to explore political topics relevant to the Black youth,” and to “encourage young ‘change-makers’ to exercise their political rights and benefit future generations.”

There will be no conversation. It will be one sided. You will hear throughout the event constant reminders about how racist our country is, how oppressed Blacks have been, and how we need to have more conversations about racism.

The thread here is constant revolt, constant “in your face” calls for retribution. Nothing progresses, nothing gets resolved, but more and more young people follow in the footsteps and themselves get recruited to become foot soldiers for the new movement in the U.S., which is to turn this country into one vast class and race warfare struggle, where every group is divided by race, sex, gender, religion and wealth, and then, in perpetuity, are set against each other, all of it about having conversations but with no one talking to each other, only to themselves.

On the aformentioned townhall there was not be a conversation to be had about the importance of fathers, or of mothers not getting pregnant too soon? There was no discussions about what can be done to improve education? Or what programs and scholarship funds could be created to ensure college for our young?

Will there be discussions about staying away from drugs? How abotu gangs, or how about no stealing or showing law enforcement respect because they protect you from criminals?

I hoped there would be. It would have been a productive conversations.

What waswas systemic racism, how white people are inherently racist, and the only way to get anything done is to insist we have a conversation about equity, equal outcomes, and retribution for past grievances, wounds that always fester but never seem to heal.

Will Black intellectuals like Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell, or Clarence Thomas be in attendance to speak about improving Black people’s lives?

There was not.

There are so many extremely successful African-American leaders in this country who would love to inspire our youth to challenge themselves to do better, be better, and not just black youth, but ALL youth. Their voices are silent. On voices which promote social justice retribution are heard, loud and clear. You owe us!

For reasons I do not understand, it does not appear Black leaders are even interested in finding a resolve to issues that plague the Black community, poverty, drug use, violence, broken homes. You can’t blame everything on the system. We are all part of that system.

Other racial groups do significantly better, even in the face of so much “systemic racism.” Is this worth examining?

What can we learn by looking at what works for all racial groups? Is there a secret sauce, like strong family, discipline in the home, faith?

We all know what racism is. Blacks to do not have exclusivity to this issue. History discloses we have all –more correctly– our ancestors have all paid a heavy price for us to be here. What you want to destroy are the very things that made today possible.

Lately we have heard several thought influencers, professors, editorial writers for the New York Times and other prominent publications declaring that white people are a disease. Can you imagine if such words were chosen to describe even one black person? There would be outrage, and not just by people of color, but by any decent person.

Let’s have a true discussion, and not just with politicians who simply coddle you for that vote; Maxine Waters is not your friend. If she was, her district wouldn’t be one of the worst and most crime-ridden areas in the United States; Joy Reid is not your friend. She is a privileged TV anchor who generates fear (and wealth) with almost everyone she works with professionally, and she thrives on the suffering of her fellow “kinfolk,” as she likes to say, because it drives ratings.

And despite the virtue signalling from all of your Hollywood friends, they really just fear you, especially the uber-Karens of the Hollywood Hills and Calabasas. A little xanax goes a long way.

JPMorgan Chase sponsored the Revolt Black television special. Corporate America is behind you. Will you squander the support of a financial institution that wants you to succeed, or will you use the event to curry more anger, resentment and unrest towards an establishment that, at the present, has your back.

God is watching you. And so will history.

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