Why Every American Should Be Frightened

Faith, Freedom, and Family are under attack, and we are losing.

Three events took place this week that should have every freedom-loving, flag-hugging patriot as nervous as hell.

Biden has told the world he has “waged war on the new terrorist,” a ghost he calls white supremacy. I don’t deny white supremacy exists, I have just never seen it in more than one or two imbeciles I happen to run into in my long life, and I am white. Most white people I know would laugh at any notion that asserts one race over another. I come from the white Baby Boom generation, we loved MLK, the Kennedy’s, Carter and Clinton, and I am also unabashedly conservative, though I swear no allegiance to the Republican party.  I just happen to prefer conservative principles like faith, family and freedom. I believe every single human being is entitled to enjoying these bedrock principles. The freedom to express one’s opinion should be universal.

There is no massive white supremacy threat in America, but Biden confuses racism with pride in America, or what the Left likes to call White Nationalism, the belief that people who believe America is the greatest nation are somehow racists and pose a threat to the new cultural norm that states no country is better than any other.

To the Left patriotism is the connecting tissue to racism, only it isn’t true.

There is nothing wrong with being proud to be an American (unless you believe America is a rotten, racist and oppressive nation). We celebrate freedom, family, faith, individual self-determination and a right to be left alone. Those are foundational principles that say the human being –when left alone -is most happy because he/she is in-charge of their own life. It’s why so many millions of people flock here every year and it is something to be proud of, unless you are Joe Biden. 

Joe declared on the world stage  that “America is back” – to join the rest of the world apparently, and we’ll cover the expenses.  And anyone who disagrees is now considered a political threat.

Biden also stated his new strategy for combating domestic terrorism and he is enlisting all branches of the Justice Department, communications, surveillance, local law enforcement, and yes, even high tech social media companies to help ‘root out’ white or nationalist extremism.

Does this sound like a U.S. president, or a dictator from a foreign country we may not easily find on a map? 

Our president is declaring war on patriotism, or what he calls white supremacy, or racism, and yet Black Lives Matter, which by its very name asserts racial preference and Antifa, which has caused more destruction in the past two years than any white supremacy group I have heard of, go unnoticed.

All of this tells you who the government deems as a threat and whose side the federal government is supporting.

This new security strategy is nothing short of political intimidation, or ideological supremacy and is now rampant within the body politic of the United States. Our media, our educational system and our national law enforcement agencies will now collaborate collectively to root out extremism. This is what we learned this week.

The only question is what determines extremism?

We also recently learned that the FBI had unindicted co-conspirators (embedded undercover agents) helping incite the January 6th DC riots, which is the foundational event that spawned Biden’s new domestic terrorist strategy. They used the pretense of the Capitol riots to show white extremism is to be feared, proving once and for all that all of this is as former Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel once stated, about “never letting a good tragedy go to waste.” Only in this case the tragedy (the DC riots) may have been staged, or at least encouraged by our own law enforcement.

We know who the enemy is. They tell us. It’s anyone who dares to challenge the government or current political ideology.


2. The EU has agreed to implement what amounts to be the CCP’s vaccination digital passport, an app that citizens must have to show they are vaccinated if they wish to travel freely throughout the European Union’s 27 States. If you have not been vaccinated you will be curtailed access. If you want freedom you must show proof that you have taken a vaccine for a disease that only affects 2% percent of the population.

The notion of having to have a digital passport has chilling implications, especially if for the near future we are constantly in a state of continual lockdown from new covid variants, like the emerging Delta variant (which they tell us is 60% more contagious, according to the CDC). In the larger scope, this could easily happen in the U.S., as we are seeing colleges and business require proof of vaccination, rules that restrict access to those who have not been vaccinated.  Americans can easily be swayed to adopt a system that simply requires an app to verify, especially if you don’t want to be singled out as a potential threat to the human race.

The much larger implication is about being required to have a digital passport which can be used to do much more than track whether or not you have been vaccinated, it can also be used to limit access if you are a troubling member of society.

In China, when you write a blog post which contains negative commentary against the government, you are restricted – literally cut off from certain making purchases, travel and even access to the Internet. We are a fraction of a step away from having this happen here under the guise of national security. Don’t think for a moment that it won’t. Our assistant secretary of State has already spoken to the EU about adopting a similar digital passport policy if you wish to travel overseas. Once we embrace any kind of national database registry via our smart phones, we are in soft-tyranny.

3. Lastly, progressive wokeism is becoming the norm through our institutions, our media and our culture. Wokeism undermines the three great F’s: Faith, family and freedom. Wokeism promotes class and race conflict between segments of the population, which ultimately undermines family because it turns people against one another for political or ideological reasons. It is the ultimate version of Marxism embracing the cultural revolution. And it is happening right before our eyes.

Corporations are not only embracing woke, but in doing so, they are also alienating a large swath of the population casting them as a different and separate class. People who are religious can be targeted by the Left as easily as ordering a cake.

Churches, as we have seen, were shut down in State after State during the pandemic, even though other public places were left open like pot stores and bars.

Corporations like Nike and Coca-Cola are perpetuating the continuance of cancel culture by getting into lock-step with its adherences, alienating those who object.

The trickle down scenario casts a suspicious light on a large swath of people who do not share in woke ideology or culture, which ee see best displayed in mask waering, adherence to policy “out of respect,” but with no value other than to make people “feel safe.”

Meanwhile, the average citizen simply wants to “fit in” and go along with political correctness not because they support it, but because they don’t want to be singled out for not raising a fist or not taking a knee. Pretty soon people on the right are being demonized as the real threat to order and human safety.

And that is where stand today.

I do not see a good outcome. I see more of liberty being crushed and with increasing frequency.

Biden has already admitted he wants to follow Europe, and Europe is embracing progressivism (bordering on totalitarianism. Meanwhile, the EU has embraced what would have been unheard of only two decades ago: a national policy of show me your papers; a horrific echo from two previous governments (Nazism and Communism), whose sole contribution to the world was the death of over 100 million dead people were seen as “a threat.”

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