Pride Comes Before A Fall

As humans we express our love in many different ways, some are physical and some are emotional or even spiritual. We love our children because we understand they are our offspring and it is normal to have a desire to protect them. We love our other family members and show it through being loyal, or helpful though life when our family, as well as friends with whom we also love, need help.

Most importantly in marriage, we show our spouses how we love them through fidelity, loyalty, physical affection and through emotional support, mutually shared responsibility; it is the highest form of love in human experience because there are no laws or mandates, we choose to embrace a monogamous partner for life, we make a pledge of loyalty that brings two otherwise separate individuals together as one cohesive partnership. It is no wonder we sanctify it with religion, our highest spiritual commitment.

But the world celebrates the Pride of being gay, or sexually different. Most support this celebration because we cherish the idea that all people should be allowed to live unfettered and free from discrimination and bias. I would also like to believe we celebrate openness in the gay community because they can now live safely knowing the world won’t harm them simply because they have a different sexual preference. Our acceptance of their lifestyle is, or should be, a testament to our ability to be fair human beings. Much progress has been made in they way we treat people who are different from the norm.

Within the gay community there is something dark occurring on two fronts, one is pedophilia, the other is promoting sexual dysphoria as a virtue for the purpose of encouraging young, and oftentimes confused children to make radical changes to themselves that rise to the level of endorsing anorexia as a right, or allowing self-mutilation as a privilege simply because the child seems to desire it.

Adults are supposed to dampen and clarify premature thinking with children, not endorse it. As mature and experienced adults we recognize their emotions as well as their physical development are still not fully developed. To approve of simple childish wishes is harmful to the child for several reasons, among them nourishing an unrealistic view of life and and promoting a false view of self-importance which can only lead to a life of shortcomings and unhappiness. Being a narcissist does not bode well in adult life.

Of course children feel uncomfortable with their being, we have all had this prepubescent, or even pubescent experience of feeling awkward or uncomfortable being in our own skin. It’s normal because our emotions are still grappling with social conduct and “fitting in.”

The lines of supporting Pride is blurred when it comes to our attitudes towards transgenderism; cultural pressure has replaced objective and even scientific reasoning.

Is it really smart policy to permit biological males with larger bones and heavier mass to compete with girls in sports just to ensure inclusivity when girls are being given a competitive disadvantage just to sooth the emotional feelings of a transgender athlete? 

Is our society now just about soothing immature feelings?

A course correction in this social policy is needed. When we blur the lines of male and female biology and how this is defined we are purposely embracing a separate standard of unreality.

Let me now be honest about the reality of the overwhelming incidence of male pedophilia.

While I have never been physically raped or assaulted, but I have been humiliated and put into several uncompromising positions where I felt powerless. Many boys have, and a majority of these incidences are at the hands of older gay men. That speaks volumes. 

Gay (or even straight) women have never tried, for example, to give me oral sex, or throw me on the ground and try to have anal sex, or tried to bribe me into giving him oral pleasure,. Men rape women just as they do men, but for some reason, LGBTQ get a pass when it comes to man-boy relationships. NAMBLA is a national association that promotes this activity and they have been in existence since the 1970’s.

I am not a victim. I have never thought of myself as one, and I do not have any ill will against gay men. In fact, I have had great (non physical) friendships with many gay men, tragically many of them have also died from AIDS.

It is a truth that LGBTQ protects gay promiscuity because they know that older gay men like to seduce young straight men, to “turn them,” it’s called being a chickenhawk. It is vile and it is violent, and yet, it is rarely openly discussed in the gay community, and because of this, young boys are victimized just as often as young girls have been raped, and it is gotten worse since Pride has become more socially acceptable. 

If Pride can overshadow our objective protections of young people from making it okay to have change your sexual identity as young as five years of age, then Pride is just as easily exposing young boys  to rape under the guise of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity.

When California Governor Gavin Newsom allowed a law to be passed which made it legal for any 24 year-old male to legally have sex (via consent from the child) with teenagers as young as 14 years of age, he unleashed an army of sexual predators onto the streets of California. The law also applies to men who have sex with girls, which is why the law was passed. LGBTQ argued it unfairly stigmatize gay men.

NAMBLA still exists. This is the organization that promotes young male sexual relations. Some if its early proponents went on to became active in the LGBTQ movement. There is a connect. 

As long as Pride protects NAMBLA, as long as Pride protects and encourages schools to allow drag queens to teach gay-themed instruction to our young, and as long as Pride allows for the infliction of grotesque hormonal and genitial reconstrutction surgery on our children, I will not be marching in any parade. 

Pride, in my eyes, celebrates the worst of human behavior. That so many people support it shows how uninformed people really are about the dark issues which beset the LGBTQ community. Someday they will face harsh criticism for supporting such abhorrent behavior, comparable to those who exploit human trafficking of children, the only difference is LGBTQ does it for pride, while everyone else simply does it for the money.

Sexualizing children is always wrong and this is especially true for the LGBTQ community.

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