Biden China Communism

The Putin and Biden Showdown – Let the Games Begin

This is how Putin will shake down Biden. It will be fun to watch.

Putin does know the truth about the Biden family and what cookie jars they have their fingers in. He has to know. That’s the great thing about being a dictator and having spies work for you.

Vlad will be very kindly towards the towering and intimidating Joe, and will signal to his U.S. counterpart to relax. I suspect Putin will smile very much. Why shouldn’t he? More on that in a moment.

In exchange for giving Joe a few good optics he can take back home, little will be discussed, because Putin knows Joe has no leverage, much less an agenda, other than to get home without blathering something stupid for the world to see and share.

Putin has what he wants, and having betrayed the Ukraine, Joe has no leverage whatsoever. The only thing Joe would have had was American energy independence, which he blew when he ended Keystone pipeline and let loose his pre-Trump era EPA houndogs; Putin’s nation got a huge boost when the price of oil shot up to 69 dollars a barrel (.15 cents per month per gallon, since January); fuel increased in price under Joe, as did the value of the Nord Stream pipeline, when the big guy decided to ease sanctions with companies doing business with the dictator-in-chief, which now gives Russia a better footing in Germany to rape that country with high fuel prices.

In other words, Joe had no leverage going in to this game so Putin has no reason, absolutely none to say or agree to anything (especially don’t bring up hacking – Joe!).

Unless Joe is interested in building an alliance against China hegemony with Russia (which should be his agenda), there is nothing else to discuss.

This is all about optics.

Putin is a trained KGB agent and he can play anyone. He knows the only thing Joe wants is the appearance of strength. Putin knows the U.S. media will give him this, so Joe will protest or ask for very little from the Russian dictator, already giving Putin a leg up on the Russian economy.

Oddly, Trump was a challenge to Putin because oil was far below $50 a barrel and he knew Trump had leverage. With Joe, it’s about looking good, and both Joe and the President of Russia know it. Both have harnessed well their countries media complex so the right message gets out.

What we will see and hear is a lot of Western talking-heads using terms like ‘strong leadership,’ ‘presidential strength is back,’ or ‘both sides hold firm,’ or headlines like “Biden exudes American strength.”

I can already see the tears of joy glistening from the corner of David Muir’s eye. Take it away Mary…

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