There Is No Group Voice – And There Is No Shame

There is no such thing as a “group voice.”

The human tendency is to avoid shame. It’s hardwired into us not to appear the fool. The fear of being shamed is an awful fear. Corporations spend millions to avoid it. Lives have been ruined by it and Western civilization is being crippled by it.

When Jesse Jackson found out in 2001 African-Americans were being denied auto loans to buy Toyota vehicles in a greater proportion than white counterparts, Toyota quickly paid the Rainbow-Push coalition millions of dollars to make it go away. It did.

No one wants to be shamed, even if they are innocent.

Twitter has become the de fact Group Voice of society, the equivalent of the court of public opinion in real time. Media provides credibility by suggesting something going “viral” in Twitter is supposed to have significance, when the reality says otherwise. Twitter has a trending menu, which means they can pick and choose what to make viral, and depending on how curious others are, they will follow, not because they care, but because these hashtag trends are algorithmically constructed to appeal to your tastes.

Every subject you click to adds to your profile. Pandora uses the same technology when building your music preference profile; If you like Band A and Band C, others who share the same taste might also have songs that you like, and so a geometrical expansion of your taste aggregates, allowing Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to become better at assessing your behavior, thus making them better at predicting your behavior, so that it can finally get to the point where they can manipulate your behavior, so as to keep you coming back for more.

But here is the lie. The so-called group voice is manufactured. Quick example. You hear that such and such video got 100-million downloads, what you don’t know is that most who viewed the video watch it more than ten times, still a big number, but it is one tenth of what you think it is.

Many years ago a group in Michigan created a call center and hired roughly ten people whose job it was to monitor stations that carried the Rush Limbaugh program. In addition, these people also needed to listen to the local commercials in each city to determine who the advertisers were. Then their job was to call the local advertisers and act as if they live in that town and threaten to boycott the company or service. In addition, corporate companies like Home Depot and Lowes were also threatened with boycotts if they continued to advertise on the Rush Limbaugh show.

Ad buyers reacted by pulling their ads, not because they hated Rush Limbaugh, it was the threat of shame for supporting a “group voice” they believed had a tremendous influence. One cancellation begets a news story and the fire is set. No group voice, but instead, a perception of one created by an illusion. This is the #1 reason why the current state of media is so dangerous to our Republic.

But the real issue was there was no shame to be found. The appearance of shame was all that was needed. All it took was ten people, a phone book and a few calls a day over the course of a few weeks to scare a multi-billion dollar company, or many. The only people who hated Rush Limbaugh probably weren’t listening anyway, but the twenty-million people a week who were listening were also shopping and had Rush’ full support. By reacting to false shame and an illusionary group voice that did not exist, these companies betrayed their customers in a huge way.

Coca-Cola is learning this lesson today.

It should not go unnoticed that, in the land of free speech, one Left-wing group known as Media Matters, who orchestrated the campaign, also cost thousands of people their jobs and lost revenue in order to assert their own political opinion and attempt to curb free speech through intimidation. They should be ashamed of themselves. It is un-American.

This is why Woke is killing industry and liberty, or at least extorting it, using the fear of shame as a weapon.

Let’s not forget China also has several million Netizens whose job it is to log on to Twitter and drive topics that serve the interest of the CCP, including pushing topics that create race division, or they will react to a comment they feel could “embarrass” the Chinese people and use their numbers to push back against an opinion about Covid origins, or Asian Hate crime events (that may or may not be true), creating the perception of a “group voice.”

The point is shame is being used as a weapon and this is why Woke is winning. Fear of shame. The truth is there is no group voice, no army of protestors, it’s all a fabrication, exacerbated by algorithms, perpetuated by an ignorant and compliant media, along with an army of people who are paid to bring this country down using every available tool they can think of, including using the achilles heel of every single human, the fear of being shamed.

They say the truth will set you free, and if you can be convinced that social media (and it’s supposed influence) is a sham, then it is up to you to speak it when you see this practice being abused. Do not back down and do not apoligize because if you do, you make them stronger.

They also say the power is in the pocket book. If a company you support goes woke and tries to appease the leftist, marxist, socialist view, or worse, they support things like Pride Month and BLM, object, let them know. It is not being bigoted to object to the celebration of those things which undermine family or promote promiscuous behavior.

Jim Watkins is an author and host of the podcast Right Now with Jim Watkins and a national media concsultant

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