Anthony Fauci’s Days As a Doctor Are Numbered

It is reasonable to assume, based on the preponderance of evidence, that it will come to pass Dr. Anthony Fauci may not survive professionally once the man on the street conceptualizes the very man to whom so many gave so much trust, was actually the same person who created the actual conditions which led to the worst pandemic in modern history.

Fact: Fauci was involved with creating and funding development of a virus so that a vaccination could be reverse-engineered to prevent a future pandemic that actually occurred due to negligence.

Fact: Fauci knew about the coronavirus and its origin and spent over a year hiding the fact, lying to the public, and covering for a regime that may, or may not have intentionally released it into the world.

Fact: Fauci, as head of the national task force and charged with advising policy-makers, consistently urged lawmakers to enact protocols we later found he didn’t actually believe were effective, like mask-wearing for people who aren’t sick, school and business closures which posed no significant risk, based on science Fauci chose to ignore.

Fact: Fauci made significant income from shares he owns in specific pharmaceutical companies who were involved in the creation of at least one vaccine (Pfizer), and continues to press people who have almost zero chance of ever suffering from COVID19 into taking an experimental vaccine that he made have helped design, for which may not have been necessary if herd immunity turns out to be the primary driver of decreasing cases and deaths.

Fact: Fauci continues to ignore or deny the science that shows people who tested positive for coronavirus are more than likely immune and do not need to take a vaccine since their immune systems have developed antibodies to fight any future infection of COVID, proven by a recently released Cleveland Clinic study .

Fact: over 4500 or more people have died from taking a vaccine. Most who have died (60%) are over the age of 65, so the vaccine kills the same percentage of older patients (ones with underlying conditions) as the virus itself. Fauci knows this but the CDC has made it almost impossible to find this information.

I could go on but the point here is that the highest paid federal employee in the United States lied repeatedly about COVID, acting as surprised as everyone else about its presence – when he has known about this specific virus since as far back as 2012.

When challenged by physicians and even former CDC directors, Dr. Anthony Fauci used his position to discredit his opponents and silence others who could have prevented so much suffering resulting from the economic and emotional collapse of across 195 nations, all of whom looked to U.S. leadership for guidance.

It may take years to fully recover from the effects of the pandemic, which was probably not as dangerous as it appeared, and probably didn’t require drastic and draconian measures which have resulted in even more lives being lost.

Dr. Anthony Fauci owns this.

The real tragedy is that our political leaders have inflicted this wound because of their hatred of a political opponent, a hatred so deep it made them indifferent to the sufferings – even the continued suffering – of humanity, simply for short-term political gain.

These actions are simply beyond reproach…

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