Why I Won’t Vote for Trump

There is no character flaw worse than being unlikeable. Many people become bitter and in some cases, dangerous. Some people make it into a comedy, like Don Rickles or Rodney Dangerfield. Some become tyrannical like Napoleon Bonaparte or Adolf Hitler. 

Others, like Trump, turn this flaw into a business because he doesn’t really care if you like him, he just wants to get things done.

Not that I am comparing Hitler to Trump, but it serves to illustrate how some people can be twisted by the hate foisted upon them, perpetual victims who seek revenge. Trump isn’t that. Trump just happens to love this country and many others do not.

Trump also works his as off more than any elected official I ever saw. He was beholden to no one except the people who voted for him and he earned every penny of his salary (which he never accepted).

Gosh, it is too bad I don’t like his personality because if I did I would surely vote for him again. But because he irritates tens of millions of liberal socialists and mainly people who just don’t like men of strong character, I see this vile as a huge obstacle IF he were to decide to run and win the 2024 race. I can’t stand the fighting and I can’t stand the way the nation was (and in some cases still is) divided. Yes, I believe it was divided by media and the DNC. But that is the point. They would rather destroy the fucking planet than have a smart guy in the White House. Proof of this is Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, two of the biggest political buffoons in American political history, are now occupying the Oval Office.

I can imagine our early Founding Fathers had hoped that, as time progressed, people who sought public office would be the best and the brightest among us. They were wrong. Today’s political leadership is comprised mostly of people who couldn’t hack it in real life so they decided to run for some congressional or senatorial seat so they could enjoy power and privilege. 

Does anyone think AOC or Ilhan Omar represent the best and the brightest? How about Kevin McCarthy or Paul Ryan, or even Hillary or Mitt Romney? All of these characters really suck at knowing what good government is, except to how it is supposed to benefit them. How about Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo or Gavin Newsom, do they strike you as people with integrity, smarts?

Me neither.

Trump knows what he is doing, but like last time, you can’t run a government by yourself and if you are constantly being attacked. For over four years the media constantly put out lies to divide people. I drive me insane. People wouldn’t talk to each other, worse still, people became blacklisted over their political views.

I would rather have a Trump-wannabe with a little nicer personality, like Ron DeSantis,. or even a Rick Scott. That is a ticket that could go either way and it would still work. America could have 16 years of great leadership because both of these men are smart enough to know that Trump had great policies, he just kept getting in the way, or the press kept dragging him back into the mud pit.

The lesson here is we need Trumps’ policies for sure, America and the world needs Trumps’ policies, and now we know how to work them.  Stacey Lennox of PJ Media said it best, Prosperity First is a good message. Let’s run with that and surely the majority will be on board.

But let’s leave the circus that is the national media in a perpetual fist-fight with Trump- behind!

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