What Pride Month Means To Me

It’s Pride Month, the time when adults all over the world celebrate the openness of being gay and honoring each other with parades, parties and platitudes about being free to express its collective orgy of love for diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

In a sense, Pride month has expanded beyond just representing gender freedoms, now Pride brings race and class under the tent, even to the more expansive universe where every single person is united in solidarity with collective pride.

We’ve come along way baby. We have opened wide the doors of liberation where there are no longer constructs, constraints or traditions on who can be what.

It truly is, as they say on American Idol, anyone can be whoever they want to be, and this is the meaning of pride.

So, in honor of Pride month I would like to express my pride in the following human achievements that have emerged alongside this progress of human liberation, the breaking down of those annoying barriers such as tyranny, failed socialism and gluttony, freeing us to be who we want to be.

Take pride, for example, in knowing 4.37 million people will starve this year somewhere in the world while in the U.S. we will spend over 118-million dollars on weight loss programs this year alone.

Something to be proud of.

And with all of this wonderful sexual liberation we can also celebrate the 18-million fetuses who were aborted this year…that’s a whole lot of pride going on.

Did you also know that 42-million people have AIDS, and over 710,000 people died of AIDS this year around the world?….Now, that is a lot to be proud of, isn’t it?

People have also spent over 169-billion dollars on illegal drugs this year, a whole lot of pride celebration going on there, and coming home from all of those celebrations 571,000 people died on the road this year.

I think Pride is great if you can show progress, but in what?

Am I Imissing something?

What exactly LGBTQ have pride in? What grand achievement within the gay community you can point to that illustrates its contribution and how it changed the course of human history?

Is human sexuality something that has real relevance to making the world a better, safer, more equitable place for all? How does humanity benefit from having pride in a specific sexual activity or identity? Show me, please.

There were over 520 million Tweets today, did anyone ask that question?

4.8 million blogs are written today, while there were also 791- million people in the world who do not have access to clean drinking water.

And if Pride brings us such happiness, perhaps we should ask the 454,000 people who committed suicide this year what they were so depressed about?

Maybe if they had obsessed a little more about their own sexual identity they, too, could be celebrating.

Don’t get me wrong, there are millions of people doing good deeds every single day.

There are millions of unsung heroes who don’t go around telling everyone how proud they are, because such pride is fleeting when you know, for example, that 3.2 million babies died in childbirth this year who didn’t have to, most of them preventable, or that over a million people are being imprisoned because they believe in God.

When we fix these problems we can celebrate true pride.

But until then, Pride Month just seems like another petty excuse to have a party.


  1. Excellent revealed truth,

    Pro_16:18 Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

    I will state that those within the LGBTQ are to be pitied. I, who once walked in this spirit of blindness and lies, are persons who have suffered at the hands of parents, and other people’s sexual transgressions. Most in this lifestyle, are seeking an “identity” because their souls are shattered. I suffered from sexual abuse from my mother, and other adults as a toddler and in early childhood years. Some abuses still occurred as a teenager. So I sought out my identity because of those abuses. And I also rejected my gender desiring to be a female gender in order to be accepted and love by my mother (who hated men). My father was a weak man, and not there for us.
    And I have had many personal accounts of many of these poor souls, who came out from “religious” backgrounds and it’s abuses.
    They are all seeking identity in the only why that they know how, for survival.

    Unfortunately, it is a false foundation, but only the Good Lord above is able to save those that are lost, I know, He saved me.
    You can read my testimony if you would like:


  2. As a UB reader you should know that it doesn’t lessen any person if you show compassion and love towards another group of persons. Love is not some finite resource that we must be stingy with.

    One of my best friends from school (growing up in San Francisco of all places) is gay. Intolerant cruel thugs beat the living shit out of him far too many times, something us hetero friends of course never had to endure. But we did have to suffer seeing him black and blue each tome it jappened… Just for being the person God made him to be, gay is not contagious, nor is it a choice. My friend begged to God that he could be attracted to women, but thats just not how Neurobiology works.

    In other parts of the world, you can be murdered for being born gay. Being born with the wrong skin color can be even worse, as at least my white gay friend was able later in life to put on a suit, pretend to be straight, and establish a good career. If his employers knew he was gay, he’d have not had the same opportunities, same as with those of darker skin in the US.

    I can tell you are a good person and mean well, but it is unenlightened of you to try and diminish, distract or belittle the efforts of groups you happen to not respect by pointing out tons of discouraging points, just when they try to claw back a bit of decency, equality, and yes: PRIDE. I’ve heard you do this with numerous groups in your podcasts as you lightly parrot right wing thoughts… But as a fellow UB reader i must caution you to find that nugget of anger in your heart that motivates these darker urges, and let it go. Put it safely into Gods hands and let go, freeing your heart to see all the positive changes that are unfolding every day on this planet as the spirit of truth does her job.

    Does any part of the Jesus papers suggest to you that Christ Michal would would in any way ever seek to discourage the efforts of a group of gods children who seek to gain a fair shot at success in life? You know he would not, because his heart was the perfected mastery of compassion, wisdom and love.

    Gods blessings to you and thanks for the thought provoking podcasts. I might not always agree with you but i do appreciate your efforts! 🙂

    Cheerfully in Christ Michal,

    PS, this is a private message. I’d prefer if you dont make it public. 😉

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    • Greetings Michal, I can fully understand, and agree with what you have written. Too many self-proclaimed, self-righteous religious persons, have cause much pain through their unloving actions against the “gay” people.
      Many have suffered unspeakable abuses, many have been sexually abused and ended up in that life.
      I remember Anita Bryant back in the 70’s proclaiming they were equal to “criminals” and classing them with hookers, and other “deviants, which ended in several deaths of gay men, due to these unsaved and hateful “religious” persons rhetoric. All the while they themselves were living in questionable lifestyles.
      Jesus did not come to condemn, He came to save that which was lost. As He came and turned my life around.
      The Lord bless you! Please feel free to contact me, and read my testimony at my blog.


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