What President Joe Is Really Afraid of – And It’s Not White Supremacy

Where are all the white supremacist? I am white and I have lived in the deep South, the far West, the inner city, the country farm and the great Northwest and I have never, ever run into, saw, or heard anything even close to a white supremacist, much less a group of them.

Oh sure, I have seen them portrayed in movies, and I imagine in some backwood area of the country there are probably a group of white guys there who sit around and polish their guns downing cheap whiskey while they fantasize a day without black folk, but that is a far cry from what the president said about White Supremacy being a far greater threat than even ISIS.

The last time I actually heard of a white supremacist group was related to the Oklahoma City Murrow building bombing with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, and that pretty much put the kibosh on white supremacy in America, as far as I was concerned. Who the hell wants to be associated with blowing up children? The answer is no one does.

Back in the 70’s there was some splinter Aryan nation leader who had a small group in North San Diego near Fallbrook, but this idiot group was the butt of jokes. They faded as all hate groups fade (unless they become sponsored by corporations, that is).

Once a rich white friend invited me to attend a Tuesday night barbecue in the deep backwoods of Panama City, Florida, attended by a whole bunch of other old rich white guys, and I kid you not, if there was going to be a lynching, it would have been the perfect spot, I reckoned. But no one that night talked about black people or racism or anything of that nature. These were doctors, lawyers, business men (and women) from the community who gathered to get away from the city and enjoy crickets to the smell of chicken and steak in large portions. 

But what we did talk about that night was how shitty the economy was at the time (2012), and how much they hated government intrusion. True, Obama was in office, and disdain had nothing to do with skin color. It had to do with policy and a wretched economy that was going nowhere. 

Maybe that is what Biden is really afraid of, not whites who hate African-Americans and mixed racial couples selling soap on TV commercials (Biden’s words, not mine), but really what Biden and company are afraid of are rich, white and influential people who attend those backyard barbecues to discuss who they will support in the next election. Maybe what ‘the Big Guy’ is really worried about: gun-toting, affluent upper income Patriots who can see their country being prostituted to every woke and liberal cause known to man, at the expense of a great nation that is still the beacon of hope to the world – not because of its high taxes and Pride parades, but because we stand for freedom from government intrusion.

I take great offense at being called a racist because I love my country, and so should you. The day is coming when you will be seen as a threat, labeled a xenophobe, or worse, a racist.

And that day is now and our current president is leading the charge by declaring war on patriotism,

Biden isn’t worried about racists, he is worried about conservatives who don’t like his brand of politics. Period. He would sell out his mother if he could get political gain, just as he sold out his dead son to gain sympathy for a vote, and consistently lied about the death of his first wife and daughter to score emotional points during the 2020 presidential campaign (by lying about the person who was involved in the car crash, calling him a drunk).

Biden is everything we hate about politicians, he is the antitheses of fair and just government. An opportunist who would sell his country for quick buck, on this can a quick yuan. It’s no wonder he is labeling patriots as terrorists, probably because it is HE who is terrorized by the thought at being exposed for the fraud that he is.

And I can’t wait for the day when Biden and company get exposed for the frauds that they all are, traitors really, to the principles of freedom and liberty.

The only thing African-Americans should fear is the shape this country is going to be in 3.5 years from now when no decent jobs are available and everyone has been “equaled” by the pangs of poverty because Uncle Joe thought it was a good idea to bankrupt the greatest and ruin the most powerful democracy on the planet.

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