The Cult of Gay

Disclaimer: I am a card-carrying member of the live-and-let-live club. I am also a purveyor of human behavior. My first amendment right gives me the right to offer an opinion on the emergence of the LGBTQ community and why it thrives today.

It is not my intent to encourage hate towards any group, but merely to shed light on a topic that, due to its restrictive and controversial nature, seldom gets discussed openly, hence the name of my website Candidly Speaking.


In 1970’s California an airline steward visiting New York became patient zero for HIV/AIDS, a disease that was a death sentence for anyone who caught it.

Exposed in the blood stream, the disease shuts down the immune system and the body becomes a petrie dish for cancer and all kinds of other horribly deadly diseases. Victims bring back memories of concentration camp survivors with hollowed eyes and gasping breath. Hardly able to move in the final days, sufferers beg for death.

In the beginning AIDS spread through heroin addicts sharing needles, and among gay men, then to prostitutes, at first male, then later to all street workers, which introduced the disease into the greater population through Johns or closeted gay men who took it home to share with their wives.

As the 80’s began the gay culture, or “being out” took off in major cities, as did the death rate from AIDS. Funny thing is, members of the gay community opposed the idea of requiring gay men to submit to a blood test to see if they had HIV/AIDS. Similar to COVID, you could be asymptomatic and spread the disease without realizing you were carrying it. The gay lobby fought hard to make sure people weren’t stigmatized or exposed, so they lobbied legislators to enact new privacy laws (what we now call HIPPA laws) to protect the anonymity of the patient. In other words, you could have AIDS (or being HIV positive) and you could not only walk out of the clinic without giving up your identity, you could have sex with anyone you wanted and give them a death sentence without repercussions. Can you imagine today being allowed to wander freely with COVID without a mask, able to go anywhere and visit anyone without restraint? Today you would be arrested for such reckless conduct. Back then, if you were gay, you were free to go.

Stephanie was a 22 year grad from UCSB, University of Califorina at Santa Barbara, an arts major and a minor in theater. She was dynamic and full of life, she was also one of my dearest young new friends.

And then she dated a bi-sexual man who gave her AIDS. Stephanie died within a year. Her friend soon followed. He knew he had HIV, but he was afraid to tell her, thinking she wouldn’t be harmed.

He was wrong.


The Castro District in San Francisco, I am told by my now-deceased friend Larry (who died of AIDS in the early 90’s) wad a haven for young men looking for gay sex. It was not an uncommon practice for gay men (even today) to hook up in clandestine places like neighborhood theaters for oral sex a by-product of the open gay lifestyle that exploded on both coasts during the 80’s. The dirty little secret is that is not uncommon for young (or old) gay men to have consensual sex with “new friends,” even if one is in a relationship. Being out was in. Such behavior led to needless death. I personally knew 8 men and 2 women who died of AIDS, almost everyone one of them under the age of 35.


When Philadelphia hit the screen, it was received with warm enthusiasm, garnering multiple Academy Awards. It was America’s wake up call to gay discrimination. Tom Hanks portrays a “closeted”gay man who gets fired from a prestigious law firm because it is suspected he might be sick from AIDS (which he was). To the moviegoer, the depiction of stereotype white males as homophobes ignores the reality that this was really happening at a time when there was less understood about AIDS, and many people rightfully fearing for their life would put discrimination as second priority.  But the Cult of Gay needed you to see gay men and women as perpetual victims, not only of a ravaging disease, but of social stigma. Priority was not placed on health protocol, but rather, on making sure gay men could be protected from the stigma of being promiscuous.

And that is when it hit me that the Cult of Gay is driven by emotion and extreme narcissism, mostly rooted in trauma. More often that not, most gay men have had father issues or had been subject to, or exposed to sexual exploitation at some point during theIR developing years. Gender dysphoria can sometimes share root causes with homosexual tendencies, according the DSM-5 manual on psychological disorders.

Whatever the clinical reason, most certainly there are usually some emotional wires that need to be untangled with respect to homosexuality, except that in the Cult of Gay they don’t want you to untangle those wires; they want you to accept yourself as ‘special’ so you can “be as you are,” even if the basis for such feelings might be rooted in an emotional issue that could or should be resolved through counseling. Cult of Gay asserts being gay is a perfectly normal biological as well as physiological state of mind, somewhere between choice and birthright.

Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

Gay men are naturally hardwired to desire unbridled sexual activity, and there is a scientific reason for this.

In Mans ancient past mortality rates were high; survival of the species were dependent on frequent child bearing, hence the male species’ hormones are much more active than that of the female species, but the social brake of women saying NO taught early man patience. Taboo was a necessary tool which civilized man, made him wait, made him earn gratification.

Removing this taboo is the goal of the Cult of Gay. No remorse, no consequence; sex is all it has ever been about and promiscuity within the gay community is never openly discussed. It is protected because it is the core activity that defines all other behavior. These are not my words, but those of LGBTQ.

Sexuallity defines identity as well as character. (this motto has now crossed over to race identity)

The PR continued. Gay characters were slowly introduced now and again during the 80’s, but mostly on sitcoms and mostly as a punchline. The TV sitcom Three’s Company was highly controversial because it introduced the idea of a gay man living with two women, without him actually being gay, which gave actor Norman Fell the opportunity to play the first stereotyped homophobe, while character Jack, played adoringly by the late John Ritter, could hold up the facade of being gay while actually being a womanizing straight man.

Science has never been able to prove a person is “born gay,” and so most of society began to acknowledge that LGBTQ Cult of Gay was a choice – until it wasn’t.  Consensus science (which is not science but rather, public opinion) now told is person is simply born “different,” and have a right to indeityf as they choose, as if they are hard-wired towards a certain sexual proclivity, this opposed to the more certain idea that most sexual confusion is caused by trauma and can be resolved through what therapists sometimes refer to as “reconstructing trust issues.”


When it became against the law in New Jersey for any psychiatrist to discuss “conversion therapy” with a patient not happy with their homosexual feelings, mental illness became a protected right and free speech rights took a back seat. No longer could concerned parents talk to their kids openly withlut being labeled a homophobe, no longer could teachers talk to parents about children’s behavior. Why? because homosexuality, in the eyes of Cult of Gay is a protected right where the only proper response is to accept a person’ decision to be L, G, B, T or Q as legitimate and without question.

The Cult of Gay now takes the next step. Codewords.

Diversity means accepting all sexual predilections as they are expressed without judgement. Inclusion means you are breaking the law if you don’t.

One must remain silent and cannot object to, for example, Drag Queen day at the local elementary school; one must not openly discuss the biological reality of two sexes in contradistinction to the new culturally-accepted norm which states there are no sexual constructs to adhere to. If one does objects they will be stigmatized – punishable possibly by the force of law. 

If two gay men come into your store an openly exhibit their physical fondness for one another,you cannot object; you are by law required to remain silent.

If a man you hired on Tuesday for a sales position at a Men’s shoe store comes back to work on Friday as a woman, by law you cannot fire this person.

Catholic hospitals could soon will be required to offer gender-reassignment surgery to minors and the Federal court will sue your ass if you object on religious grounds. If your daughter tells the school nurse that her parents are preventing her taking estrogen blockers because she identifies with being a boy, you could have your children removed from your home for neglect.

The Cult of Gay means we have to accept all forms of emotional subjective identity as objective truth. It is the equivalent of being forced to allow a person with anorexia to starve themselves because they have the legal right to identify as being obese.

Disney is dedicating its entire programming all this month to include gay themes and characters in all of it major television shows, including all ABC shows as well. Why? to promote Pride month; a whole month dedicated to the Cult of Gay. The LGBTQ flag will be flying at all military bases and global U.S. embassies to show support for the Cult of Gay.


I call it the Cult of Gay because like all cults, its adherence believe they are sanctified by its virtues and empowered by their mere existence. Gay people are acting exactly the same as religious zealots acted during the 15the century, calling out heretic to any dissenter, publicly shaming them for not adhering to the code of conduct.

In fact, what is happening today because of LGBTQ strong-arm advocacy is not unlike what is happening in Saudi Arabia or Iran where you have rulers dictating code of conduct and behavior, Mullahs who walk around as a kind of morality police, arresting people for crimes if they display affection or expose too much skin. Or how about China, where a social media post critcizing the government can land you without a job, Only in our case teachers are being fired if they disagree with the LGBTQ education or state the truth of there being only two biological sexes.

Against our fondest hopes of being a truly non-discriminatory society, LGBTQ has created an environment where free speech and open discussion are stifled to protect hurt feelings and to ensure egos remain soothed. We have become a nation of children where we are told we can do anything we want on the one hand, but if certain adults object, then they are to be removed for spewing hate.

Ultimately all of this gets us to fete comple, which is the sexualization of young children, a world where pedophilia and gender fluidity become virtues, and the sinful embrace of man’s purely hedonistic nature becomes the obsession of the ages. 

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