Deniers Owe Me A Big Fat Apology

Too many of us early sleuths who suspected the CCP was covering up a lab experiment gone wrong have now been vindicated. But we, those of us who were paying attention, still have yet to receive a cordial apology from millions of people who shat all over us for being alleged racists.

I want an apology from everyone I know who made me feel like a bigot for want5ing to know the truth – and especially from the mainstream media who villified us publicly for over a year for daring to suggest something as atrocious as “the CCP doing experiments that could be used as biological warfare against it’s enemies.”

What is also astounding is how calm and collected the American people are at the notion that Xi Jinping and the Chinese government were willing to — with the help of funding from Dr. Anthiny Fauci and the NIH — destroy global economies and kill millions of people in order to gain a global political edge, which they have acheived. No one seems in the slightest bit outraged, or even mildly bothered by this very real fact that we are, technically, fighting World War Three; we only “didn’t lose” because a vaccine was developed in time, so they say.

Time will tell whether the cure is worse than the disease.

I happen to be very fortunate that most people I know didn’t suffer what too many others did endure: death, loss of job, income, one or several loved ones, pain, grief, children who may never completely recover from a stilted childhood and a deficit education during the crucial formative years, all of it, because the China government wanted to create a bio weapon that would kill people easily.

If getting gang-raped by a world government doesn’t upset people as much as a drug-induced felon getting kneed, this tells you where American priorities today are now headed.

On a personal note, for over a year, I and many others were called crazy, Trumpers, conspiratorial, racist and bigoted because we felt something much more devious was going on with the coronavirus than we were being led to believe. The media, big tech and our government witheld information about the origins, and they still do. And for that 18 months I felt ostracized and spited for simply wanting to know the truth.

Trutfully, there was information early on that gave strong indication that COVID was developed in a lab. It was there, but CNN, ABC and NBC didn’t care to look.

Review the articles I posted here at from March, April and May from 2020 and you will see the reporting was there, but our shameful major news media avoided it or ignored it because the bat story was less political.

Since we are now learning the truth (those who cared to look for it, that is) and we are vindicated as being accurate in our assessment of the orgins of Covid, I now have lost a tremendous amount of trust in the people I love because I continue to feel betrayed to this day over how I was marginalized.

A world power nearly brought down Western civilization; millions will still die and millions more will suffer because of the spurious and self-serving actions of the Chinese government. Shame on them. But also, shame on you for tolerating it as you still do today, as shown in your own indifference.

There will be a next time. Do not doubt my words. If you are naive enough to believe China won’t try this again, then you deserve to be a victim again. Only next time you can expect the virus to be far more lethal, just like the one that is emerging now out of, guess where, Vietnam, controlled by the CCP.

One comment

  1. We should never put our full trust in any Government, nor in any man.
    Don’t expect to receive an apology from “dead men walking”. Because that is all they represent. Death.


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