How Fake News Works

This is how the news media skews a story. The reason they do it may shock you.

Below are two headlines. See if you can spot the difference.

The story is about a local County School Board enacting a rule that would limit bathrooms to students who are biologically male and/or female. The reason is because some parents expressed concern that with the rise of transgenderism in schools, they don’t want their own children to be at risk of a transgender boy insisting on using the girls bathroom.

Headline 1:

“Local School Board enacts rules to discriminate against trans students.”

Headline 2:

“Local School Board ruling defines rules on bathroom access based on Science.”

The first headline asserts a position that discrimination is being endorsed by a local school board. Most Americans have been raised to believe any form of discrimination is wrong, so the headline is meant to provoke a negative reaction on the part of the viewer. The headline is most likely written by a pro-trans journalist. Journalists are not supposed to be pro- or con when reporting a story.

The second headline is actually a fact-based statement that takes no position, other than to report what actually happened. There is no agenda in the headline except to report science being used to make a decision that could actually protect children from predators who use ‘trans’ as an excuse to get access to vulnerable children. 

Local news media does this all of the time. Why? Because local news media reporters are activists. They were trained to root out all forms of discrimination and intolerance.

Here is another example of how the news media uses headlines to portray a narrative, in this case, ‘guns are bad’:

Headline 1:

“Latest shooting In California as mass shootings rise in the U.S., prompting lawmakers to consider new gun restrictions.”

Headline 2:

“Gunman kills 8 in California, then takes own life.”

In the first headline the implication is that guns are causing people to shoot each other and lawmakers need to intervene by enacting tougher gun access laws. 

Clearly, the headline and the story are written by gun-control advocates who are using a news story to further a personal cause, in this case, gun control. You see this almost every time there is a shooting. Little is reported about why the shooter acted or even the suspects mental condition, which oftentimes is the cause of mass shootings. 

In the 2nd headline, only the facts are reported. A good reporter might have more details as to what led up the shooting and the suspects’ background or prior criminal record, i.e., history of violence, etc. A great reporter would not connect this shooting with other shootings because there is no connection, unless such shootings were coordinated attacks.

Oftentimes when there are multiple shootings in the same time period you will hear a reporter use a term similar to this: “This, as reports of other shootings continue to come in from around the country…”

Again, there is no connection other than the reporter pushing a narrative that may, or may not be true.

Fake news means not real news, or incomplete news, or omitted news so that you don’t have the full story. 

Take for example on May 26 when the Biden Administration announced by10am they would no longer investigate the biggest human disaster in the world: the origins of COVID 19. White House issued a statement saying they would accept the findings of the World Health Organization. 

Such news travels fast and so does criticism. 

Once the Biden team realized the outrage and the optics they quickly reversed course. Biden issues a second statement saying he is ordering his intelligence community to file a report in ninety-days on the origins of the COVID outbreak.

The story may be the reversal. What made Biden change course? Why did he originally decide NOT to investigate the biggest human disaster in world history. That is the bigger story because it plays into the notion that Biden is being influenced by China.

But for Rick Klein (Executive Political Director of ABC Network News) and the team over at ABC World News Tonight and Good Morning America, the reporting goes that Biden is demanding answer on the coronavirus origins. Mary Bruce, who is nothing but a mouthpiece for the DNC, did not include in her shoddy report that Biden had reversed his course on the virus investigation earlier in the day for unknown reasons, with no mention of Biden changing his mind.


Because there would be questions and it would make Biden look bad, or incompetent., and the royal guards at the gate can not have our current president looking incompetent.

And that my friend is fake news.

It isn’t hard to connect the dots. ABC is owned by Disney and Disney makes billions off of film and video distribution in China. Any news story that implicates China has to be curated or Disney will lose billions in potential revenue. Embarrass China and you lose the market, it’s just that simple.

The folks over at ABC/Disney worry about this problem of appeasing the CCP every single day. The Happiest Place on Earth is under the thumb of the worst and most egregious government in history, worse even than Nazi Germany because of the sheer number of people who have been murdered in China in the name of communism.

Instead of truth you get fake news. Instead of facts you get virtue signaling. Instead of reporting you get agenda headlines designed to get you to agree with what is politically expedient.


In my next article we’ll explore how the LGBTQ cult is devastating American culture.

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