Humans Are Brutal

When President Joe Biden says he will not investigate the origins of the coronavirus, the worst human disaster in the history of mankind, it doesn’t look good for the system.

People want to believe the system works. People put their faith in the system because they abrogate their own responsibility; they can wash their hands if things go wrong.

Last night ABC World News filed a report where the DHS Director said the following: “People need to do what they are told or be punished.” I was outraged, but my wife agreed. She believes people should comply because it makes the system work.

This issue at hand was the number of fines imposed on unruly passengers in recent months who did not wear their masks while flying. Compliance is key, it is our debt we pay for the price for having faith in a system of rules we follow, because if we do these things, if we check of the boxes, then we will be rewarded with a good, safe life, like the mouse who gets the cheese once he figures out the maze.

We accept the notion of man-made climate change, for example ,because it is easier than being accused of being a denier. We will accept higher fees for fuel, lessened services, even no service, because we are told it is necessary in order to fight climate change. It is a sacrifice “we must make,” just as we are also told to wear our masks outdoors even if in the sunshine. Why? because someone might get the wrong message and think you don’t support mask mandates, which is your patriotic duty. 

We are also informed by the media (we want to trust) that Joe Biden has our best interests at heart, and this is why we must engage with Iran and let them threaten Israel, why we must again re-engage in the Paris Accord to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, why we must allow immigrants to come in, that we must allow young children to transition to another gender. All of these things we do: raise a fist, take a knee, object to white colonialism, all to free us from the scourge that is ourselves and our rotten, embarrassing past as human beings.

Freedom is sacrifice, no justice no peace. social equity for all, diversity, inclusion and tolerance.

Right now there is a push for racial extortion on the form of forcing acknowledgement of the suffering of hundreds of years of slavery, and further, that the current system is based on this brutal event: the subjugation of one race over another, which by the way, isn’t untrue. The white man did come to America and push out the red, and along the way he brought with him the black man as slave. It happened. It is was brutal and it was as real as it could be. It was savage.

But it didn’t happen to us. It happened to people who have been dead for a very long time. And we weren’t there, so much of what we think happened comes from Hollywood movies and literature produced to illustrate the horror.

Life is brutal.

Many people of Western culture are extremely naive to the suffering that goes on everywhere even today. We subscribe brutality to others without realizing we are not so far removed from exhibiting such behavior ourselves in the name of virtue.

Our priorities are askew. We focus on rights, and privileges, choice and liberation, wealth. class struggles, gender wars, etc, but we choose to ignore the real suffering that continues to ravage people around the world.

Right now there is a family whose child has just been slaughtered a the field in the DRC by a radical terrorist group you have never heard of, or there is a nine year old girl being brutally raped for pleasure right now somewhere in the world by men with with funny last names, while you and I talk about Johnny having the god-given right to transition into a girl. Right now there is a Christian rotting in a Chinese prison who probably had one of his kidneys’ removed because a rich women from Peking needed it and get’s one because she teaches at University about the pitfalls and evils of capitalism.

Or there is an IRG prison guard in Iran right now at this moment brutally torturing a suspected CIA operative with shocks to his testicles, or perhaps there is a Uyghur woman somewhere in West China right now being forced to stand on one leg for a week because her brother is a Muslim.

These are the real things going on that should have our attention, while we language in a sea of our own supposed needs, taking a knee for oppression while we cash a million dollar check for playing football.

Too many who live in luxury think they know what suffering is, while at the same time complain about too much gluten in their food while screaming ‘homophobia’ at a man who has orange hair!

Man is brutal. He has always been brutal.

People are brutal.

And about the BLM flag, a symbol of American Marxism.

What kind of an organization forces a nine year old white kid to raise his fist in support of people who secretly wish the young boy was dead simply because he is white? That is what the BLM flags means to me.

BLM is no different from those who willingly forced Jews to board a train taking them to their deaths simply for being Jewish.

Should we wave the BLM flags flown at all U.S. Embassies to honor George Floyd?

Perhaps we should ask the pregnant women he robbed at gunpoint in 2009 in Pasadena, Texas what she thinks about George Floyd Day.

In light of human nature, it seems most fitting to raise the BLM flag as a symbol of the continued brutality the human race continues to inflict upon itself in a thousand and one ways.

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