We Must End Childhood Indoctrination in Our Public Education

Something insidious is going on right under our noses, and the lasting effects will result in a complete overthrow of our country if we allow it to continue.

Imagine life before you sent your children to school: they loved you; they were mostly happy. You taught your children about the goodness of all people, that things like family, freedom and the golden rule were good things.

You send your aspiring offspring off to school feeling optimistic and excited to learn new things.

Then, over the space of a few months, your child starts arguing with you as well as fellow friends about privilege; they begin to not behave when asked to do their chores, they isolate themselves and obsess about social media all of the time.

You become problematic.

Further, your child begins to express how the world is full of racist, bigoted people who don’t care about the victims in our society, and who have been oppressing people since the beginning of time.

Or they say they will never have kids because the world is going to end from climate change, or something like education should be free and people shouldn’t be forced to work.

What is happening in greater frequency is your children are being exposed to Marxist theology. And with the introduction of Critical Race Theory, race becomes a tool for those who use skin color to extort behavior with accusations and unfounded charges of racism to anyone who disagrees.

CRT asserts the United States is rooted in oppression. Classic Marxist ideology also asserts the same thing: there are two classes, the oppressed and the oppressor. Guess who gets to be the oppressor in the CRT story?

If you send your ten or eleven year-old child to school and they teach them the country he or she lives in is rooted in racism and he is part of a racist culture, that his country is nothing more than a slave-trade hellhole, how do you think this developing mind is going to view himself, his country and his future?

We learned that when young children in many African countries were being kidnapped by religious extremists or political factions, children could easily be indoctrinated to hate their country; these same children could easily be turned into vicious killers, often in just a few weeks!

This is what Critical Race Theory does. It turns people against each other by teaching them the Marxist class-struggle ideology: that there are only two figures in society, those who oppress and those oppressed.

CRT brainwashes people into thinking they are in need of redemption simply for honoring their country and their society.

Young minds are crafted to see their own guilt, made to feel they have been corrupted by the very oppressors to whom they had previously pledged their allegiance.

Now, you take a knee or raise a fist in solidarity to those who have freed you from the great lie of White Colonialism.

CRT teaches young minds how to despise the past, so as to make them more receptive to new ideas of ‘transforming’ the future ultimately to a collectivist society where they are forever freed from the racial guilt they inherited; they have become accepted citizens of this new inclusive and diverse order where everyone is a recipient of social justice and true equity.

They tried this is China and a hundred million people died. It was called the Great Leap Forward.

You start getting into this new-think mentality where you are only to believe what the collective tells you to believe about people, gender-roles, identity and race; you see others only in this context, the perennial class-struggle between different groups of oppressed and oppressors.

It’s a pathetic, dystopian world of constant tension and anger; neighbor turned against neighbor, family members torn asunder, neighborhoods in conflict as we now see in many major cities where there are riots and protests for ‘social justice.’

Meanwhile, our public education system becomes a factory to produce an army of “new-think” young minds, foot-soldiers of Marxist ideology cloaked in pretty words like Diversity, Inclusion and Tolerance.

What is most shocking is parents’ refusal to do anything about it (for fear of being ostracized perhaps, or exhibiting “white privilege,” or worse, stigmatizing their own children by speaking out). Many parents just continue to send their kids off to school and hope for the best, hope that their kids have enough common sense to see the truth.


The local news media doesn’t care. Progressive newsrooms are filled with recent grads from colleges who also instructed in the Ways of looking at life through the lens of gender/race/class struggle, a narrative filling the airwaves with stories featuring stories of discrimination against people of color, or trans children who aren’t allowed to use the bathroom.

It doesn’t seem to bother these local media outlets that our schools are turning into socialist indoctrination centers where every kid has been weaponized as a political agent of the Left.

People do have the power to stop all of this.

Nothing will change if we simply wait for someone else to complain.

Start complaining.

Every public teacher should make a pledge to support the Constitution. Let’s start there.

If a child is being entrusted to the intellectual care another adult, we want to make sure they shares the same values as is generally accepted.

If a teacher is teaching political ideology in place of science, they need to be forced out.

If a teacher is teaching sex education the curriculum must get the approval of parents.

Most recently an elite middle School in New York was exposed for showing porn to 9th graders as an “educational experience.” The study was in (no kidding) why gay men have more orgasms than straight women. The parents were never told this instruction was being given. One wonders what adult reasoned this would be considered useful education, and this serves as a cautionary tale of what happens when parents don’t engage with faculty when they learn certain things are being fed to their children without their consent.

Other things we can do as citizens when we see strange ideology being taught in our classes is to write letters to the school board, call your local talk show, send an email or a letter to a TV news stations – they have to file those things. Call your principle and ask them if they support CRT in schools? are they promoting transgender education? are they teaching anti-free market ideas, and if so, who is pressuring them to do so?

People who embrace progressive anti-family or anti-liberty ideas should not be principals or teachers in our public schools. And if the Teachers Union objects to parents asking questions, then it’s up to parents to push back and demand the County School Board make a statement and take a position. 

We simply cannot have our schools being used to teach our children to hate our society and to be confused with new ideas about race, sexuality and so-called gender sensitivity that has been introduced to the curriculum because of a minority progressive viewpoint that mostly does NOT reflect the general community.

Mao, Stalin, Castro, Hussein and Lenin all said the same thing. If you want to take over a country, let them have your children.

It is time for parents to stop letting them have our children.

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