Poverty, Power and Pelosi

I try to tell my black friends that most of what they think is going on might seem like racism, but this is a lie being driven by politics with a determined attempt to marginalize people who love their country by making them appear to be the enemy.

The danger in all of this is that it is a distraction from the real issue, someting we will all pay for as time goes on.

Right now, for example, in places like Compton, Brooklyn, South Chicago and Miami, large amounts of drugs and weapons are flowing in. Over a period of six to eighteen months crime will rise even more, more and more addicts are being created every day, and with those addicts come many people of color, who bear the brunt of this because poor people are the first to feel the impact, and all of this being created by the same leaders who are telling you the system is racist.

They want the crime, they want the addicts, they want the victims of the crimes because when they create these things people need them, the politicians to fix it. Get it? And they tell you so, just like now they are saying they are fixing systemic racism.

How are they doing it? By using the media to showcase racial strife so that you will get angry and feel as if your voice is being heard. 

White people see the bullshit. We know we are not racists. 

Is there racism? I don’t know, ask a Puerto Rican what he thinks of a Haitian, or ask a Black kid what he thinks of a Mexican kid. As long as there are different races there is always going to be some form of racism. But no one thinks the world is completely a racist place, except the media and the politicians who tell you this is true so as to stoke further anger and division.  The media also likes to point out that gay people are victims of religious conservatives. This keeps both sides divided as well.

Our schools are being overrun by racial warrior zealots who are hunting down and removing non-conformists in schools everywhere in major liberal cities like New York and LA. Teachers (and parents or members of the PTA) who are against Critical Race Theory are being cancelled, literally being fired or removed, or worse, being stigmatized by fellow faculty. Kids are worried their parents might be exposed for being con-conformist, and they too c ould be socially exposed as being “a racist.”

If this all doesn’t reek of Third Reich shit, I don’t know what does. In Germany, once the enemy was identified (the Jews or any non-German), it became culturally expedient to conform to save their own ass’s.

And most of white people today making the charge happen to be saying it about people they disagree with politically.  The new enemy: The white American patriot, someone who simply loves the United States and doesn’t see it as a racist nation.

For example, some anchor at MSNBC said Tucker Carlson wants to create a white nationalist party. The messageL if you love your country and you are white, then you are the enemy. 

Does this mean that if you are black you shouldn’t love this country? 

Does loving the country you were born and live in make you a racist? If it does that is new to me and to most people in the world.

Look, if you want to buy the BLM crap and march around every weekend protesting hate and raising your fist like a nice little foot soldier for the cause, admit that you are just doing it because it makes you feel better without actually doing anything. 

The truth is these rallies are funded by people who want to sow division in America. 

Follow the money. 

It could be coming from a Hungarian billionaire who makes money when economies fall, or it could be money coming the Chinese Communist Party providing funding to anti-capitalist organizations like BLM and Antifa, or it could be money given by corporations who, in an effort to divert the pressure of Woke activists, gave globs of money last year to many so-called anti-racist non-profits.

Behind all of this is a gleeful political party that sold out country down the rover long ago.

Your government lied to you. They keep you distracted from what they did to you this past 18 months because of mistakes they made, whether politically or scientifically. 

The truth will come out soon enough about the virus and how it was completely mishandled by both the US and the Chinese government.

The truth will come out that all of the past four years all of this has been about taking control of a government and never letting the other side have it again.

And once Pelosi and her ilk take control and demonize every patriot in this country, they will have the power they need to keep you AND me right where they want us, dependent on them forever.

Poverty is the real problem and it is caused by bad leadership. It really is that simple. But Pelosi and the rest of the democratic party have no concern for this. How could they. They just past a 1.6 trillion dollar aid package that will most be used for pet projects to buy votes. 

The U.S is now approaching 30 trillion in debt. Who will pay that money back? 

Take a wild guess. Poverty is the great social equalizer. 


  1. I agree with you 100%. I will say this, “It is within the Hearts of men to do wickedly”, these so-called leaders are workers of death in every aspect of life. They stand condemned due to their crimes against humanity.
    They shall be accountable for their wicked works, what they have sowed they shall reap. They are the walking dead.
    I tremble for their souls, for they know not what they are doing, however in time they shall, and it will be to their detriment for all eternity…….


  2. You DESPERATELY need a proofreader. The message is brilliant, but the syntax is EMBARRASING! I’m hard-pressed to find a single sentence without some glaring error.


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