How We End Woke

What is Woke? The Woke cancel-culture gets its power from two things, fear and social media.

Unlike when you and I were growing up prior to Facebook and Twitter, when you said or did something you regretted, it went away. Today, the Twitter and Facebook feed captures and keeps every word you utter and every thought you express.

As we all know, thoughts and opinions change, what was funny then is no longer funny today. Which begs the question – who determines that?

The Woke do, that’s who.

In my mind I think of woke as being every liberal person I have ever disagreed with, but mostly its the media who I blame. The reporters who report on things going viral give credibility to whatever is trending even when such trending items are superficial, like what some celebrity said about such and such. 

Then there’s a response by the woke who don’t like what they heard, so the media reports on what they call “social media outrage,” again, giving credibility to something that only exists as a fleeting expression of a number of mysterious people who have no real importance in society except for what empowers them, in this case, the media that won’t shut the fuck up.

I have an idea, let’s put every woke person in jail.

Who goes first?

That’s the question. Who is ultimately in charge of and leads the Woke?

How can we bring this nightmare of a society to an end?

Obviously prison would never work and the reason why is also the answer to ending woke culture.

How about the First Ammendment?

Every single America is entitled to their point of view. Even former British prince William Markle gets to express himself, most recently saying the First Ammendment is bonkers.

He has that right, and yet he is attacked for doing something he has every right to do —speak!

Let’s enforce our right to free expression. If you get fired for speaking, unless it can shown to cause financial harm, anyone employer (including federal employer) should be sued.

Make people think twice about cancelling you and causing you harm.

If I was that Space Force Captain, I would sue for damages.

If I was that actress from Disney fired for expressing her opinion about being there just two sexes, should sue Disney for discrimination and for causing financial loss and reputation for expressing her God-given right to share her opinion.

If JK Rowlings, who wrote all of those Harry Potter books, got dropped from her publisher, sue the shit out of them.

Sue, sue, sue! It’s our great American past time.

And if somebody publicly states an untruth about you, sue!

Let’s turn the tables on Woke and sue people for punishing people for speaking their minds.

Use the law, America’s best law that can never be overturned, the first Amendment that says you can speak.

Only tyranny will prevent it.

I hate woke, but at the end of the day woke is a paper tiger; it is the lowest common denominator of society expressing itself in fleeting moments; it means nothing more than what it means for that infinitesimal moment in time, only to be given new life by a lazy, irresponsible media that, far too often, cares only about ratings and not of substance or the lives they damage.

Write letters to your local TV stations when you see poor reporting. Call them out.

Call out news anchors who knowingly spread misinformation. Write them, email them. It matters.

As long as we have our first Amendment we have the power to fight back.

Dave Muir is a bold faced liar.

His producer, Rick Klein, ABC News Political Director, said he wants to put conservatives in concentration camps.

ABC Nightly News skews and distorts almost every news story they report making sure conservative viewers are punished every night by shoddy, Leftist and biased reporting

Jeff Zucker of CNN took it upon himself to deliberately undermine a sitting and duly-elected U.S. President. He should pay a price for that because he used his position to influence public opinion by spreading misinformation.

Turn off CNN.

CNN is owned by Comcast, change your cable provider.

Comcast us owned by Universal, don’t watch their movies.

Let’s start by holding those accountable who knowingly spread misinformation, including school teachers and principles who teach 1619.

Call them out. Show up in groups.

Protest and call the news. Do what the Left does.

This is how we take our country back.

Stay Tuned.

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