The System Is Lying To You

People put way too much faith in government, and by that I mean people put way too much trust in people who do not have their best interests at heart.

To be blunt, there are two kinds of people, those who trust their own mind, and people who only do what they are told because they honestly believe the people who are leading them are both smart and have their best interests at heart.

Starting with the media, most believe the media is telling them the truth, no matter what. 

For example, the other night I was watching ABC News, which I despise. They were reporting on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Anyone who knows anything knows our western Media is siding with the Hamas, not understanding that Hamas is backed by Iran, financed by Iran, and Iran wants Israel to not exist. That is a key point because it never dawns on people who watch the news that Iran wants to destroy a people. It doesn’t click because they don’t believe it. They don’t believe it because they believe the media is telling them the truth, that the Palestinians are being colonized or oppressed by  the Israelis. It would be like if all of the sudden Mexican citizens were being oppressed by American’s because we won’t allow them unfettered access to our country. 

The first point is that the media has picked sides, it portrays one side as victim, the other the oppressor. To illustrate this my wife says after watching the news, something to the effect of, “why are the poor Palestinians being bombed, that’s not right.”

People are also being spoon-fed two other great lies. The first is that trans people are being discriminated against because they aren’t allowed to be trans (getting surgery and special privileges due to them). The other lie is that black people are being victimized by the police.

Both are being driven by a liberal media intent on picking sides in order to further a narrative of ‘protecting the oppressed.’ But usually no one is being oppressed, its just portrayed as such to get the viewer to believe it and to sign on against who ever is doing the supposed oppressing. I have been in newsrooms for the morning prep and you always discuss the angle, and the angle is always “afflict the powerful, protect the afflicted,” a perennial David-vs-goliath pretense that has nothing with reporting ‘just the facts.’



Medical community

Political leaders




Most celebrities

These are all institutions or professions that constantly feed lies to unsuspecting, uninformed people with the help of social media.

Last weekend there were supposedly 60 rallies across the country protesting Asian hate. My question was who organized it, how was it possible that in sixty cities people knew there was going to be a protest? Who funded this campaign? Who were the leaders who could utilize social media to get people in sixty cities to show up and protest? What is the point of the protests? Do we have an epidemic of people hating on Asians? 

If you listen to the media we do, but is that really true or is it designed to further the America-is-a-racist country narrative designed to make people feel bad?

A conservative friend of mine once quipped that liberal folks like to feel bad about things because it makes them feel like they are doing something by the very act of “feeling bad.” 

Giving emotional support makes people feel empowered when nothing is actually being done.

That perfectly describes most of those who easily trust whatever is being spoon-fed by social and traditional media, whether it’s masks mandates, social distancing protocol, Asian hate, climate change, racism, whatever the issue, people believe the lies because it makes them feel better knowing something is being done to fix the (illusionary) problem.

I have a friend who has been fully vaccinated but still wears a mask and still refuses to travel to see relatives because “she might pick up covid on her hands and give it to her family.”

I also have a friend who is sure the seas are rising in California because of climate change, but when I asked why it would rise in California but not in Florida, she didn’t even understand the question.

I have a friend who believes all women are oppressed because they are forced to have children.

I have a friend who believes Trump caused China to unleash the virus and that all statues who praise American War heroes are oppressive to indigenous people, and further, that crosses should be banned because it makes other people who are not religious uncomfortable.

In short, I have a lot of very ignorant friends because they all have one thing in common, they trust people to tell them the truth, and that is their first mistake. They will believe anything just because the media or some agency they think is trustworthy is telling them the truth.

Remember a few years ago when a Weather Channel reporter was pretending he was dealing with gale force winds when all of the sudden two people causally walk by behind him while the camera is rolling?

Even the Weather Channel feels a need to “stretch the truth” for dramatic effect.

Didn’t anyone learn anything from Dr. Gregory House?


My philosophy, trust but verify. Assume first, that whatever anyone tells you is probably ill-informed, incomplete, biased or they are flat out lying because they think they know the answer and don’t want to appear stupid.

Trust me, And why not, you trust everyone else.

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