It’s Not About Trump And That’s Why The Left Doesn’t Understand

What Liz Cheney, Chuck Todd and Mitt Romney Don’t Understand About Trump and The New Republican Party

What the Donald Trump presidency represents is a repudiation of the old Republican Party. 

The swamp was drained, we now know who is selling off America and who isn’t.  We saw, because Trump was beholden to no one except the voters, who had America’s back and who didn’t. 

This is what some on the Right don’t understand. Trump showed the swamp creatures. Did you see what happened to the world since Biden took over?  The Deep State came back in full force and now look at what is going on in America.

Can you now see that the Democrats have sold their souls to the globalist vision of the world at the expense of America’s greatness? 

Can you now see that neo-con Republicans like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are servants of the Democrats, who only wish to share power so they can play in the sandbox of American politics and power, that these old guard Republicans now exposed are the same Republicans who, for the past 60 years, have been playing ping-pong in Washington exploiting American treasure to satisfy their own sense of importance?

On 9/11.Dick Cheney and Condoleeza Rice failed our country. Smart as they are, apparently an August 2001 memo warning us that Osama Bin Laden was planning on using airplanes to attack the United States failed to get their attention; calls from the Peruvian consulate warning of us “chatter” about flying airplanes into the Pentagon didn’t seem too concerning, at the time, until it was too late. And then we go fight Iraq – which had NOTHING to do with the bombings?

Think Donald Rumsfeld. These are the old Guard Republicans who had us believing they were on our side. These same Republican guards who, until Reagan, were merely sharing power with the Democrats with ever increasing largesse.

Then we get Obama for 8 years and the country goes into a spiral of unemployment, a housing bust, high gas prices and racial strife. This was the Democrats version of hell, but they called it transforming America. 

Then something interesting happened.  

Trump got elected. He campaigned the way every candidate should. I had never seen anyone work so hard to win. And then when he won he went to work despite an angry press and a disgruntled party, determined at any cost to bring him down, including the 3-year investigation of what we now know was a contrivance of the Hillary Clinton campaign – that Trump was corrupted by, and working for, the Russians. 

The same Russians, by the way, that our U.S. government (Republicans AND Democrats) spent 5 decades wasting millions of dollars spying on so we could undermine their government (something we now accuse them of doing to us) in order to maintain a political balance of power.

Trump comes along, not poisoned by Washington politics and lays out his plan doing what he said he would do. An amazing feat for any politician. Even his critiques, at least in dark corners, admitted so.

Trump didn’t win because he has a wonderful personality, he won because he said enough is enough, this government isn’t working for the people – it’s working for itself at our expense. And then he attempted to reverse this course to the amazement of his constituents and to his enemies. It was almost as if for the first time in our 245 year history America had a president who truly had the country’s best interest at heart.

And this is why former President Trump has the support he has today. It was his policies and his determination to put them in place that made him a good leader. It was not his tweets, his off-the-cuff remarks, nor his cantankerous style that we wanted, those were just side show stunts, exacerbated by a press who saw great ratings potential in continuing the chase.

The media tried to make it so that Trumpers were seen as homophobic, xenophobic, anti gay, pro-bigoted (the same rhetoric they use against people of faith) because these are all hot-button issues that draw attention. Now they had a face, a symbol, through which they could foment hate.

Trump became the Lefts’ Immanuel Goldstein (from Orwell’s 1984).

Imagine if you had a small business of say 50 people and you made widgets. The company is losing money, people will need to be fired if things don’t turn around, what happens to those people, they have homes, kids to raise, mortgages to pay?

Then a new boss comes in, gets rid of waste, improves efficiency and makes the company successful.

But a few of the staff are complaining. They were used to the way it was, long lunches, extra coffee breaks, hanging out with the old boss cracking jokes and wasting time because he was a such a nice guy, not having to be efficient. So they revolt and start saying the new boss is a sexist, they accuse him of creating a toxic culture, they call the local press, they say the company is doing well but the people are being mistreated. See where I am going with this?

Our country is a remarkable place. It has the ability to be self-sufficient and because we are protected by three oceans, possesses an incredibly wonderful climate, and a society that has liberty as well as the rule of law; we prosper as has no other country. But we prosper because we have free-markets and competition; we have innovation because people are free to create and come up with new ideas. We also provide hope to millions who come here because their own country does not offer these things.

China hates our influence in the world so they undermine our stability in order to create more business for themselves.

Most Americans who are paying attention know this.

We see also understand globalism (redistribution of wealth) only means one thing: those who are successful will be forced by law to “share” so that everyone else, deserved or not, gets a piece of the pie.

And through this socialist embrace by naive leaders of Western democracies, thinking it the placebo of all social ills, China will eventually rise to dominate simply because of their well-established hegemony throughout the world.

Even now they, the Chinese Communist Party, export their surviellance technology to leaders throughout the world.

The arrogance and ignorance of Western leaders is beyond reproach.

France is falling into malaise; Germany and the UK are slipping towards more totalitarianism, not less.

Europe is being swamped by third world refugees who refuse to assimilate to Western culture rule of law.

Meanwhile the U.S., under the leadership of a 17-year old girl from Sweden, wants to make cheap, abundant fuel unaffordable because they have been mislead by politically motivated scientists who get funding from feel-good corporations who have figured out that expensive renewables have far greater margins when they become mandated by world governments such as the deep state of the USA.

This is Biden’s dream, this is the dream of the Left, this is the psychosis of the Left, that humans can plan humanity and make it work like a well-oiled machine, except that they can’t because humanity is filled with hubris.

The Left doesn’t understand globalism comes at the expense of America’s great wealth paying for it until that great wealth is gone.

PS., we are approaching a 30 trillion dollar deficit, that’s $30,000,000,000,000 (one billion multiplied by thirty-thousand)

America must remain the beacon of hope, not the ATM bank of the world. 

Trump understood better than most. Pelosi knows it, too.

This is why he stopped paying $500 million a year for membership into the Paris Climate Club which does NOTHING to lower the global mean temperature. This is why Trump forced other NATO countries to support themselves. No other Republican did that.

This is why he rewrote trade agreements so they were fair to US workers. No other republican did that.

This is why Trump lowered taxes and stopped forcing people to buy insurance they didn’t need. What Republican did that?

What other Republican president built a wall and addressed real and fair immigration reform?

What other Republican actually fixed the VA hospital tragedy, lowered drug costs, and sought to restore dignity to our military?

You know the answer.

Trump was only beholden to the American people. That’s a huge deal. No other politician I have ever seen was free of being beholden to some group, donor, lobby or corporate influence.

Trump didn’t even take his $250,000 annual salary for four years. He built his wealth, and he wanted all Americans to have a better shot at building their own wealth.

Trump knew you truly empower people by getting out of their way, people are happier, they are more generous, they want to be a part of the community when they work and are prosperous. That is the secret sauce.

Did Liz Cheney build her own wealth? 

Mitt Romney? 

Chuck Todd? Does Chuck Todd own a business he built from the ground? 

Does Rachel Maddow care about anything other than men being allowed to openly celebrate the pride they have for each others bodies?

Are these the priorities of America? to see how many young boys we can turn into young girls?

Today our politicians are the enemy of the people until they can prove otherwise.

Proof of this is how they hijacked Washington and now have it fenced off so they can enjoy the freedom of screwing the country without worrying about the people protesting.

Protest the police, but don’t protest bad leadership. Nancy Pelosi is now de facto in charge of Washington DC. And she alone created the insurrection lie because she alone created the situation of the January 6th riot full well knowing she could use it to push the Trump-is-dangerous narrative to the press.

Let them hate Trump, but for Americans who know, it isn’t about Trump the man, it is about Trumps’ American first policy.

It works better because it puts people’s lives back in their own hands where it belongs.

I’ll close with this. 

Right now cartels are flooding our streets with highly addictive drugs. Biden and Harris are allowing this to happen. crime in a major cities will go up, addiction will rise, money needed in the future to treat these problems will have to increase all because of this kind of sick, self-serving leadership that Americans frankly, have grown tired of.

Biden and Harris are willing to create another pandemic just to get a few extra votes. How sick is that? They were willing to keep economies closed to further their own election prospects.

That isn’t just sick, it is masochistic.

Trump is synonymous with America First, it also means “throw the bums out.”

Other smart leaders like Governor Ron DeSantis know this, and I expect future Republicans, if they truly understand what makes America great, will follow Donald Trump’s lead.

That is the hope now for our great country. Cheney is not the future, she is the past and everything we now despite about our government. Romney is the same.

And this is why the Left wants to destroy Trump now.

They can’t afford to have his ideas flourish because it would be an end to their power. This is what Cheney, Romney and the Left don’t understand about Trump.

It’s not him, it’s his ideas that America can and should be the model for the rest of humanity, and not just another country being led by self-serving leaders who have no interest in the general welfare of the human race.

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