A Mother’ Letter to President Biden and VP Kamala Harris

Dear Mr. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris,

I wanted to let you know that John, my 18 year old son, died today from being shot.

You see, John was working himself through college and he lived in a small apartment in West Hollywood. He was a bright kid, and he always believed once his college was behind him, he would go on to become a medical professional. He always wanted to be a doctor.

When COVID hit, he lost his job and not long after that, he ended up sleeping in his car until things got better. He didn’t mind, he liked to read and listen to music so he ended up mostly walking during the day just to keep his physical shape in condition.

One day though, while John was out for his usual morning walk along Sunset up Highland to Hollywood Boulevard where he would grab a cup of coffee near the old Kodak theatre, someone fired a gun at John and killed him dead. That someone was a 22 year old junkie strung out on meth and fentanyl. Two lives were ruined that day and both of them I blame on you.

John died because his government would now allow him to find work. With everything closed in LA, people like John just can’t find a job, and if you are going to college and need to pay for things like books, tuition and food, not having a job means you have to drop out of school. John was getting more and more desperate every day. He would have been at school instead of taking a morning walk, but since he had dropped out, there wasn’t much else he could do.

As to the guy who shot him, his name was Hector and he too, came from LA, but he was a strung out unemployed dishwasher who ended up selling drugs for the local drug dealer just to feed his habit. I heard he worked for the new arrivals coming over the border with drugs. The cops said there has been a rush of new sellers on the street, Hector had not had a previous criminal record.

You did this.

You broke the border out of some misplaced compassion for Mexico without thinking about what your actions might do to Americans.

Your coronavirus mismanagement seemed more like a political game to you people in Washington, and it has ruined the lives of millions of young people like John, so many of whom have no way of pulling themselves out of this mess you created.

I only hope my voice is not the only one you hear from, because I know there are millions of American parents who will lose their young kids to drugs, poverty, suicide or a combination of all three. You see, you might think it’s all worth it for a vote because your job depends on getting votes.

But you are also putting people’s lives at risk, and I am here to remind you of that fact, and I will keep reminding you until the my son John comes back home.

Very sincerely yours,

Mrs. B. Simpson

West Hollywood, California

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