What Are You Doing, Joe?

Dear Joe Biden,

What the hell are you doing to my country?

We elected you as president and somehow you have managed to mess up the economy in less than six months, your VP is not handling the border crisis which is allowing your friends in China to flood the U.S with the most lethal and addictive drug ever (fentanyl), and all you do is reverse anything Trump did just so you can say you reversed anything that Trump did. You are also systemically destroying our once robust and vibrant energy sector and wasting resources in order to appease a 30-year old Puerto Rican gal who likes to post YouTube videos because she thinks she cute.

That isn’t leadership.

Yesterday on stage you said to reporters, and I quote, “you people are bad. You are going to get me in trouble because I am not supposed to talk to you.”

Who exactly are you going to get in trouble with? You are the president. How is that exhibiting strong leadership. Xi and Putin are laughing at you – and us.

You can’t even read a teleprompter effectively, and every time you get off script you bring up memories that are full of errors, like saying that federal reserve chairs, who are mostly dead, told you your tax plan is a good one when it was in fact IRS agents who told you this. How can you mix that up?

Maybe you should ask yourself that question, Joe. CNN is even complaining.

Who is giving you policy advice? Susan Rice? And if so, why is this being kept from the American people? Is she getting counsel from Obama? It must be true because he is the one who always criticized you for making public misstatements. If you are being advised by a committee of progressive deep-state advisors on how to run this country, doesn’t this make you unqualified to lead?

We elected you, not them.

And if Kamala is so effective, why isn’t she issuing any statements explaining what policies the two of you are making ? Why does she hover over you like a dominatrix?

You have lost confidence even from 124 U.S generals who say you are allowing our enemies to destroy our country both externally and internally.

You are being distracted by wokism and ignoring the real issues in America right now, like building back better after a pandemic – caused in part by poor leadership and drastic lockdown laws that have destroyed our economy that two years ago, was the best and most robust in the world. Peoples lives are being destroyed by the minute. Have you see downtown Los Angeles, Seattle, and Venice Beach?

Can’t you see that America is falling part? Riots continue across major cities. People are scared not only of going out at night, but also of speaking out for fear they will be cancelled for criticizing your policy.

You are even allowing people to make it legal to alter children’s biology based on pseudo-science that allows mentally unhealthy people to make policy decisions based purely on ideology and profits, not science.

Do you have any plan based in reality and addresses our country’s failing infrastructure, education, and energy policy, or do you just want to appease climate extremists and race baiters who wish to experiment on the American system with childlike utopian dreams of collectivism?

Tell us why you ran for president Mr. Biden. Or did you forget that, too?

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