Nancy Pelosi Has Weaponized The U.S. Government Against The People

Think about it: a summer of protests across America resulting in fires, death, extensive property damage, anti-government protests and not one action from the federal government, who mostly viewed these riots as “peaceful protests.”

Then, after the election, when Biden wins the election – before the votes are even validated, much less counted, he is pronounced the winner. 

Trump, who spent the better part of six months appearing before thousands and thousands of people in every city he visited, loses against a political opponent who could barely draw a hundred people – when he dared leave his underground bunker during his campaign –  on a good day.

Then, when Americans rightfully demanded answers to why this election was hurried along briskly, why there seemed to be discrepancies in major voter-tallying centers in key democratic-run cities, why Trump – who received more votes that in his first election and more than Obama in his second – lost to a rather tepidly weak candidate who ran on a platform whose only mandate was to beat Donald Trump? 

It is against any sense of logic to believe Joe Biden got more votes than Trump. But since the Democrats and the media failed to ask questions, nor seemed even interested in asking any real questions, the voters were left without answers, and this is why they went to Washington January 6th. They wanted to know if their election was stolen.

Is it any wonder almost eighty-million voters were just a little bit upset? 

All we wanted to know was is this: where the votes counted properly? was there malfeasance? did mail-in voting allow for cheating? 

You claim Biden won fair and square, but you won’t allow anyone to confirm why exactly so many extra votes seemingly came in at the last minute (when no one was looking) in places like Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Charlotte?

Americans have a constitutional right to protest and to petition. On January 6th the disgruntled voters- who had legitimate concerns – showed up.  The videos clearly show it appears that a few of these protestors were even let in to the Capitol building by the police. I watched them move the barriers at first, perhaps a dozen people came through, and then the floodgates were opened.

And this is the beginning of yet another well-frabricated lie.

The Insurrection

Nancy Pelosi knew Trump voters were angry. Who didn’t? 

Pelosi and everyone else knew there would be a final debate in the People’s House on January 6th and she well knew that Trump was going to hold a rally. Nancy was also in charge of the Capital police and she understaffed the event and she told these officers to stand down when the rally ended and the people walked over the Capitol and protested. 

The imagery is clear, a few were let in behind the barriers to the entry to the Capitol building. 

Anyone who has ever been to a out door concert knows that when a few get in, many follow. 

And then pandemonium broke out with all the cameras rolling, just like Nancy expected. The optics were all she needed. The press, in usual fashion, played the videos continuously, with the narrative of ‘the insurrection’ being repeated continuously across all major media. 

Goebels would have been proud.

Next, Pelosi and crew decide it is Trumps fault that voters believe the election was rigged. 

Then he was impeached. 

Then the fences went up and now, across America, many who showed up to protest and petition, people caught on film simply being there are now being charged with terrorism, with insurrection, a federal crime. Teachers, cops, nurses, anyone whose face is on a camera and was at the Capitol expressing thier contitutional right, is in danger of being arrested by the now-weaponizeded FBI. 

In other words, Nancy Pelosi has weaponized the federal governement to go after polticial opponents.

How is this any different from what Saddam Hussein did, what any despot ruler would do?

Joe Biden has done the same with using the postal service to monitor on American citizens social media. The Democratic party is in the process of criminalizing political speech, even the right to protest if such protest is against the Democratic party or any rulings it issues, particularly when it comes to Covid mandates. You can burn a building down in Portland if its against the police, but if you show up at a rally in DC for Trump, you are considered a criminal.

Nancy Pelosi has performed a coup de tat.

If you love your country and you love liberty, you are now the enemy.

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