Why I Love Israel (And You Should, Too)

Israel is the home of Monotheism. That might not sound like much of a big deal to you, but it was a significant first step for Western civilization. Monotheism was the first step towards a better understanding of morality, justice, faith, loyalty and service. Only one God over many could provide early man with a moral compass, and that very same moral compass laid the foundation for every western democracy in existence today. Greek philosophy and Jewish morality are the underpinnings of a free and just society where all people are seen as being divine in heritage.

Moses helped to establish Israel. Moses lived in 1200 BC, his laws further developed consolidated the Jewish nation and its religion after he was able to convince Egypt to free the Jewish slaves. This is old history and we probably all have some gene that leads back to this place and those times. It’s worth preserving.

Jesus calls Israel his home. The Son of the living God was born in this place. 

The Jews were driven out to all lands, should they not need to have a place where they can call home? and was this not their home even in those ancient times, even as far back as to the times of Adam and Eve?

It’s one of the few democracies in the Middle East. For thousands of years this place served as a major crossroad for trade, travel and commerce. It would be a shame for this place to be ruled by a totalitarian or theocratic government. 

It is the ‘cradle of civilization’ and it is a place where anyone can come and visit without fear of being persecuted. If the cradle of civilization falls, what does that portend for the rest of humanity?

To the Jews we owe the Ten Commandments. Israel was the birthplace of the morality that sponsors such things as human rights and justice for the individual.

It is a travesty so many nations have hated the Jewish people for so long.

Long before there was slavery in America and Europe there was bondage in the Middle East. The Jews have been persecuted because of their religion, and still are today. 

The Jewish people have endured, probably more than any other people, intense bigotry from many nations for thousands of years.

When does it end?

And why do people like Ilhan Omar and Rashid Tlaib further this anti-semitism when they know Israel stands for peace. They are not invaders and they have not threatened other country’s with threats of taking their land. Under the banner of bigotry the Palestinian leaders cry foul, but the real intent of their leadership is not the acquisition of land, but the elimination of the Jewish State. 

I don’t dislike Palestinians. I believe the people of Gaza and the West Bank would love nothing more than to live peacefully side by side with Israeli citizens, enjoy a safe and secure place to raise their children and enjoy the freedoms of an open society. But they are being used by leaders in Iran.

The leaders of the Palestinian people are being corrupted by the dark forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran who empower these local leaders to provoke discord against Jerusalem. It is a proxy war being waged by those who wish to regain the territory in order to expand their influence. 

Does any Palestinian honesty believe IRG or the ruling mullahs of Iran will give them a better life if they help bring about the destruction of Israel? 

Think again. Ask the Iranian people how trustworthy their leaders are with them and then you will know the truth. 

Israel is not the problem, but peace in Israel could be the beginning of a new era of peace among the many nations of this region as well as the world.

Since the Baalites and Elamites first fought for land and dominance almost four-thousand years ago there has been bloodshed. It would be nothing short of a miracle if we could, in this age, see peace finally come to this region.

Unfortunately too many of us have opted to believe otherwise.

A strong leader with a spiritual vision would be of great use to us now. Is that even possible?

One comment

  1. Excellent.
    However, according to God’s Word, there is to be a “spiritual” leader with a vision, that the world will fall in love with, and that many Jews are awaiting his arrival.
    The Anti-Christ man, son of perdition……….why do you think we are going through, with the present day deceptions, of such wickedness and evil being perpetrated against humanity, by the leaders of the world?
    It is all for a preparation of that wicked one to come, who will “seemingly” have all the answers to the troubles that the peoples of the world are suffering. He is also known as the “Lawless” one, just look at all the present day Lawlessness being carried out by most leaders of the countries pushing the present day deception through the guise of a “virus” and the promoted poisonous “jab” as their rescue.
    Since God said the wicked one will come, you can pretty much count on it, but it won’t be pretty.


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