Memo to Liz Cheney

With all do respect, your father made millions from overseas conflicts that padded his pockets. The Cheney name, in my opinion, represents the old and decayed Republican party, the one that sold our country out to the Democrats, acquiesced, traded power and ultimately, undermined the will of the American people.

You seem to be following in your father’s footsteps.

Your ‘well’ has been poisoned by the Old Republican Guard, and this guard has betrayed the American people for decades. It has brought us to where we are today.

What your selective memory seem to recall from January 6th is that 

1) Nancy Pelosi was in charge of security that day. It was on her watch that people were allowed to storm the Capitol.

2) The American people felt the election was rigged or unduly influenced, and the Democratic party – as well as their lap-dog media – conspired to cover up the malfeasance by pretending it was a legitimate election. This is what drove citizens to protest at the the People’s House, not Trump, not white supremacy, nor any other concoction the Democrats spin.

They, the Democrats, stole the election and they, not we, are the true insurrectionists. You are siding with them and not the American people.

The fact is you bought into the DNC playbook of misdirection and obfuscation, and insist on turning your backs on the millions of voters who feel they can no longer trust their government.

You do not even represent the views of your constituents. By the way, exactly how much time have you actually lived in Wyoming? From my account, it seems more like a vacation home than an actual residence. If Washington DC was a State (which it may soon be), your residency might have to be legally shifted.

You are losing your seat because your hubris will not allow you to see your own failings as a Republican leader. Family influences are at play, and I am sure you know this. You are a hawk Republican who has enjoyed the wealth paid in American blood and treasure.

Would it not be more respectful for you to simply enjoy the time you have remaining in Congress and at least try to do something that reflects the will of the people? I am sure you can come up with something meaningful that would make Dad proud.  

Maybe you could become a talking head on CNN when this is all over. They seem to like you.

Yours Truly,

The American people

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