Gas Shortage To Soon Shock Nation, Panic Expected

Last year a major U.S. company I worked for got hit by ransomware, we got “hacked” as they say. Most people may not know what that means. To be hacked or to have your computer system shut down by outsiders who demand crypto payment in order to restore your system is called hacking, or at least one form of it. It happens all of the time.

This also happened to a major U.S. hospital last year as well. It is devastating. It’s been happening for years.

Our company, for example, lost all email contact, so no one could get or receive email, and since we had over one thousand employees from coast to coast, everything stopped for a few days. Worse still, our clients couldn’t access information and data for several weeks. During that time computer people duplicated every computer system in the company, a laborious task for us, and we are considered a medium-sized company.

Eventually systems were restored (replaced), but time and energy wasted was significant.

Imagine if you are a company who provides fuel for thousands upon thousands of gas stations, which in turn, provides fuel for millions upon millions of people and you are hacked.

You don’t have to imagine because this is happening right now

At the present one of the largest fuel delivery pipelines in the U.S. has been hacked. Colonial Pipeline out of South Carolina, which stretches from the Gulf to New Jersey is off.

That means no fuel is flowing, that means computers that run these things are not working. And until the company pays the ransom the company will have to rebuild (replace) the entire system, which is what they seem to be doing.

The media is quick to blame Russia, but no one knows.

In cyber it is easy to hide your identity, these people are not stupid. They use technology like you and I use our smartphones.

In the meantime, common folk are hoarding gas, stations are shutting down, the Stock Market is in a nosedive and panic is starting to create uneasiness because one-fifth of the country is being affected by this hack.

When the United States loses a major fuel line it is going to have a wide-ranging ripple effect. It may not last but it is real.

We don’t know who is behind the hack, but I believe it could be China, North Korea, Iran or perhaps an unknown actor who just wants to make a few hundred million bucks. 

It’s hard to know, but whatever the media tells you won’t be true. It will be what the present Biden administration wants you to think is true.

Until they restore (replace) the current system millions of people will not get gas, which means cars won’t run, which also means trucks and deliveries won’t run.

Meanwhile my neighbor is hoarding gas, as is yours also.

These are troubled times and made more so because our leadership is non-existent and the presidential team who lead are inexperienced political hacks who mostly have never held real jobs.

The hack may not be Joe’s fault, but one wonders if Trump were still in office, would who ever did the hacking thought twice before doing it with Trump in charge?

With Joe we are as weak as a starved chicken. Weakness makes evil act to fill the vaccuum.

I look for forward to build back better, but in the meantime, I’ll probably be walking more, and so will you.

Get the popcorn.

When David Muir tells the world tonight we are having a gas shortage and shows people panicking again, the rest of us will follow suit (at least in the East and South).

Act two begins.

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