Handmaid’s Tale Perfectly Displays Left Wing Lunacy

I have been watching the show for a long time and I find most of the plot pretty stupid. It is clearly a story that shits all over conservatism, theology and morality by making those who cherish it out to be evil, while the rest of the world are woke folk who are committing species suicide just to be free to be cool.

In Margaret Atwood’s dystopia, people can no longer bear children, except for a chosen few women (handmaids).

A war breaks out, or something, and we are never really sure how things got to be so bad, and no one can make babies. So one group of people decide to protect the few who can have babies, basically ‘enslaving’ them as concubines to serve the wives of some ruling class.

Canada is freedom, a place where there are plenty of LGBTQ partners, people of color, but no children-bearing adults (or conservatives).

They are doomed. So what do they do? 

Condemn the society that is trying to save humanity from extinction solely because they are all white, rich and in control of their little isolated world in Northwest America (known as Gilead).

The storyline is weak, and never explains why exactly people can’t have children, and promotes that people who are not conservative are the protagonist, while the ones who want to preserve the human race are the bad guys because they try to prevent these concubines, who live lives of luxury by having children, from escaping and living life as lesbians, or something.

Did I mention that the citizens of Gilead are, hold your nose, religious!

Atwood’s depiction of religious people is strictly a perspective shared by most people who know nothing about religion. 

The stereotype is predictable in Handmaid’s Tale and demeaning to most Christians, who are basically made to look foolish in this series where the ruling class constantly give thanks to the Lord, and are therefore, as a cult, worthy to be despised.

Let me ask you, if humanity was somehow no longer able to reproduce except for a few, how long do you think it would take for humanity to die?

If you guessed one generation you would be correct.

Do you really think in such a world where humanity was coming to an end people would be worried about stupid things like LGBTQ rights and whether a women’s rights to an abortion is being violated?

Hell No!! 

We would revert to savagery and do whatever necessary to preserve our place in this world, and if it meant making sure those who can reproduce were protected, cared for, and yes, kept from escaping if it meant preserving humanity,  then you damn well bet people would do it. And if prayer helped, we would do that, too!

Maybe Atwood’s point is more obvious that intended: The silliness of being woke while life is slowly slipping away illustrates a misallocation of priorities. 

Most recently we have endured a pandemic; several large countries are even now being devastated by Covid. Do you think these people are worried about being woke in the wake of mass death? If they are, then they are as ignorant as the protagonist we see in the stupidly executed Handsmaid’s Tale, an exercise in vacuous woke virtue. 

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