There Is A Lot To Like About Jenner

It’s just not normal that Jenner, to whom I will refer because I can’t spell Caitlyn too well, and I can’t use Bruce for political reasons, so Jenner is running for Governor of California, and it’s brilliant.

She is conservative. Progressives can’t resolve the issue, a man who has transitioned to a woman, but not just any man, a man who won seven Olympic Gold medals, settling any dispute that Jenner didn’t’ have grit. Add to this her entrepreneurial spirit, her legacy of success, all of which can only be attributed to great intellect and persistence, two qualities to have if you want to be Governor. If you add in she is conservative, count me in the plus column. I might actually consider living there again.

Jenner confounds the Left because progressives really don’t understand conservatives. I’ll explain it. Just think common sense, and then remove emotion. Jenner sees the right from the wrong, of course she does.

I am not a huge supporter of the Woke of Trans, which I consider to be an exploitation of the young, but we’ll have that battle another day.

If an adult, and an accomplished adult at that wants or feels best as a woman, and she is consistent as a human being, then who the hell am I to say otherwise? Action counts. Results count. Jenner is successfull not because she is trans, but because she works hard, that is why she has th success she has. Sex has nothing to do with it.

At least Jenner didn’t trans before going to the Olympics and demand to play alongside other women in the female competition. If that had happened the Gold would have been meaningless. And this is exactly why biological males shouldn’t compete in sports with women, and why Caitlyn will go up against a powerful lobby and win. How can she not? She is proof of the argument,

Caitlyn Jenner is the only human being who could go up against the LGBTQ activists and win, and thank god for that. Finally.

Let’s see where this goes. It could get interesting, forcing us all to look at how we label people, and ourselves. At the root, Jenner shows us we are not defined by our gender, but by what we accomplish.

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