Trump Without The Donald

Former President Trump announced he is seriously considering a run in 2024 for president. No shock there. What was interesting is that he threw out Ron DeSantis as his running mate. Curious.

As a Floridan, and as a Trumper, as my wife would say, I love mostly everything Trump was able to accomplish in his very brief four years. My God, it was a tremendous thing to watch as a non-politician beholden to no one was able to drain the swamp and expose the rats, while at the same time and virtually by himself, get government in order so that, for the first time in perhaps decades, it brought accountability and efficiency to the federal government.

I even heard three compliments on the most recent Bill Maher show this past week giving praise to Trump for cutting taxes, helping the less fortunate and creating jobs.

Ron Desantis has also been an excellent governor for Florida so far. And his policies as a conservative are just like Trumps, without the drama.

I couldn’t imagine what would have happened if the other guy had won. Terry Gilliam would have destroyed Florida and we would never had known that COVID could be contained without an economy being ruined. Not to mention DeSantis probably saved lives with his science-based approach of taking care of the elderly first, which is what former CDC-Directly Rob Redfield had recommended early on, but non one seemed to listen, except DeSantis.

In addition, DeSantis has also made some key legislative moves that assure Florida will not succumb to totalitarian dictates by preventing the enactment of any law which requires a vaccine passport requirement, nor requiring one from vistors to the State, making sure critical race theory is not taught in our public schools, and also make sure our voter integrity laws are fair and not subject to fraud (because well, we’ve been there before).

And, Governor DeSantis has been fiscally effective at keeping us from being haphazardly prosperous. In others, smart growth, not wasteful spending on stupid projects.

In essence, DeSantis has achieved all of this without the bombastic character of a Donald Trump. DeSantis, while honest, is not overtly critical of his enemies. He responds, but he doesn’t counter-attack. He sticks to common sense and deflects his attackers honestly. His method of governing takes a cue from the Trump doctrine, which is America (or in this case Florida) first; the priority is on the people he serves. He loves Florida and he doesn’t seem to care in the least about being called a conservative. It’s everything we got from Trump, except the character flaw of being the center of attention.

Trump was a great president, don’t get me wrong. But the media going at it with him for four years made everyone enemies, including people I loved.

When I would try to tell my liberal friends that the Trump circus was less important than his accomplishments, it came back as “why are you defending his behavior?”

And that’s not the conversation I want to be having.

The one I want to be having is, well, “isn’t the economy better, aren’t our taxes lower? Isn’t it safer in the cities and streets?

With DeSantis, that is the conversation we are having in Florida, his handling of the media has show his ability to manuevar around them, and most people in Florida have been better off and we know it.

Rick Scott gets credit as well. He was a superb two-year governor.

Wonder why Florida isn’t going brike? It’s because it is being managed by good leadership.

Wow. Wouldn’t a DeSantis/Scott ticket be a great ticket in 2024?

I believe Trump knows DeSantis can win without the Donald. And I think Trump wants to be president again real bad. He chose DeSantis to float him as a VP pick to keep DeSantis close instead of facing him as a political opponent.

I am also sure the Florida governor knows the better political choice would be to run for the top job and not throw his lot with Trump, even if it causes a rift between them between now and 2024.

Stay tuned. This could get interesting.

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