Calm Before The Storm: Predictions of a Globalist Coup

If you watch the financial markets the story goes we are witnessing huge stock surges because the Feds are pumping billions into the Treasury. 

The liquidity of new cash creates an artificial economy because for every dollar you print, all other dollars diminish in value; it’s just not as transparent at first.

But sooner or later the chickens come home to roost.

Over time the cost of goods and services rise because it takes more dollars to purchase things. I’m not an expert, but I can tell you when there is a scare in the market, people cash out, and if they cashed out today, the market would crash because there simply isn’t enough real cash for everyone to pull out. 

Perception is Reality

Once people cash out the dominoes will fall. This is what they tell us. 

I believe them.

We saw it in 2007 and it was a very big bomb. It started here in Florida when  people (and banks) were buying homes that were way overvalued because the idea was home prices would continue to soar, until they didn’t.

Today the stock market, the real estate market and government deficits are building pressure and ready to blow at the slightest scare.

What could cause a run on the market or cause a crash?

Coronavirus could, a massive upsurge in cases, could. The governments going into lockdown-mode again could. Massive protests and draconian mandates could.

It’s why India matters. 

India is going through a horrible chapter today, and it is expected that over 50,000 deaths will occur in the next 30 days.  Germany is back to lockdowns and France is still dealing with high caseloads. We’re not done and it is possible certain agencies are using COVID to manipulate people into accepting a ‘global reset’ because world economies are going in the tank. A massive resurgence (with no known vaccine) and a crashing market would create widespread panic.

While America is enjoying a reprieve today, there is nothing that says a new variant couldn’t suddenly rear its ugly head, drive up new cases and deaths, and here comes the Joe Biden lockdowns again, here come the totalitarian governors closing down businesses again. 

Who is to say China isn’t infusing a new variant every week to the world just to continue the instability that seems to work in China’s economic favor, as we have seen?

But China isn’t the only force undermining American prosperity and prominence on the global stage.

Members of our current government also want the market to crash. The elites are protected. In chaos, ratings go up and elected officials seize more power, as we have seen.

How easy was it for Democratic leadership to insist on lockdowns during 2020 just to ruin Trumps prosperity, hence hurting his political chances for re-election?

Do you hear me? Our leaders were willing to hurt each of us financially just to make sure Trump didn’t win re-election.

Oh, you though it was coronavirus?

If you know the enemies plan and watch carefully you can see them trying to achieve it.

You can watch it unfold. I’m watching, are you?

Biden and Harris are raising taxes, increasing regulations, proposing restrictive mandates AND changing our educational system to ensure every child in this country knows America is an oppressive nation.  Every action seems to be against American interests. Or haven’t you noticed?

Do you think the massive Mexican drug cartels, for example, who generate as much as Apple does each year getting people hooked on drugs, is the main driver of immigration right now? We have drugs and cartel members flowing in and our VP is discussing tree-planting?

Thanks Joe. Thanks Kamala.

The plan is to destroy America. 


Because Americans like those who voted for Trump, who believe in liberty and freedom are all that stands in the way of achieving globalism. 

Globalism means climate change regulation; globalism means loss of liberty; globalism means a vaccine passport and contact tracers; globalism means Antifa-like government police is the new police, and things like thought-crimes and hate-crimes mean you get arrested for what you write or say. Globalism means the Twitter army will snitch on you for non-compliance; globalism means CRT for all kids so that they learn to hate the country but love the world; that free-market capitalism is the real enemy because it promotes greed and class struggle. 

Globalism is non-religious secular humanism disguised as exalted Humanism (the State is in the best position to control people’s interest for their own good).

It’s Not A Conspiracy That People Want To Control You

I used to not believe in the Deep State until the swamp was drained just enough to expose just how deep the deep-administration really was and to what extent they would exert control. State holds on to power. Power to the State is what capital is to business. The ends justify the means. And since the ultimate goal of the State is power over the individual, any method to achieve this goal is deemed acceptable and justified.

Ask Xi what he agrees.

To not believe that high-tech oligarchs, along with Democratic leadership and willing propagandists from mainstream media were all in lock-step to overthrow the last election is to be naive. They didn’t even hide it and Time Magazine even dedicated its February 2021 issue to its success.

So if you think globalism is all about world peace and everybody getting along, be prepared. COVID was a test run. The world, as Joe warned us, was about to be ‘very dark.”

He knows.

See how easy it was to get people to comply?

Forces behind this movement understand the only way to get there is to burn it all down just to get you to believe “the government has everything under control.”

Enjoy the summer, it may best the best one you have for years to come.

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