Memo To The Media: Your Next

Let me tell you how this ends. You won’t like it, and it will make you angry, but you know it is probably true.

If I could jail every person I see destroying this country, there would be a whole lot of people in jail right now. But you see, I know myself, and I only look with pity at those shortsighted people who call themselves good people, the ones who report the news the way they want us to see it, undermining the country, brick by brick.

I also know there are a lot of other people in the world who are not so pragmatic, and they are very angry at what they see the media doing. Sooner or later, when people have seen and heard enough that anger is going to explode and people in liberal media are likely to face a reckoning.

We the public will start calling for resignations and demanding accountability.

This week NBC (again ) edited a video to make it look like a cop for no good reason shot a teenage black girl, and they tied it to the continuation of the narrative that our cops are all racists. The boiling point is coming because people are sick of the media lying. We all see through it. The media thinks we don’t, but it is clear people are getting tired of the lies.

And when they tire enough, and someone is victimized because of the lies and reacts violently, they, the media, will blame it on a Trump-supporter, or they will blame it on guns, or blame it on coronavirus stress. Whatever or whoever the media blames they themselves will never take responsibility for their role in stoking the anger, stoking the flames of racism, stoking the flames of class struggle, stoking the flames of American hatred for one another and who never seem pay the price for stoking those flames, but who are always there to report on the consequences of it.

I call it abuse of privilege. News is supposed to be about reporting facts and truth, not promoting an agenda or narrative that gets a desired outcome (high ratings, in this case, which drives rates and profits for shareholders).

Americans are starting to realize the real enemy is on our TV screen, the real enemy to this country’s greatness is the one telling you America is a rotten place; the real enemy is the person telling tell you everything you hold dear and believe in is going to be taken away from you. We are at that tipping point even now because people are now even past the point where they have nothing else to lose. And you want to tell them its going to get worse.

Consider the past year and all of the major events and what drove them.

It was the mainstream news media that drove the fear of Covid that persuaded civic leaders to shut down businesses and schools through an over-abundance of caution based on scare-tactic fear mongering and death charts. It was the media that empowered people like Dr. Anthony Fauci and others into driving the belief everyone needed to stay locked in their homes; it was the media that shamed people for not wearing a mask, but never said a thing about political protesters who didn’t; it was the media that pressured people into accepting lawmakers demands to change election protocols to throw an election, it was the (tech) media who prevented Americans from knowing the truth about Biden’s financial ties to China and his son’s ties to shady business deals overseas;  it was the media that drove the anger of the George Floyd video by showing it reputedly for weeks so that every time we turned on the TV we saw the cop with his knee on the next of the poor, helpless, black man. The result was naturally going to be outrage everywhere.

Young children everywhere now have no respect for law enforcement. Is that what media wanted? Is this why they show citizens throwing water on police and destroying their vehicles?

Who else but the police are supposed to handle 6-foot-3 men who have felonies and who are high and passing along fake money in broad daylight, and who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement? Who else is supposed to take care of this BUT the cops? Who? the librarian, the firefighter, the mayor? A counselor from mental health?

And even if the media isn’t the real problem, they are the messenger, and the messenger is usually the first to go.

At the root of many of our contemporary problems is bad or selfish leadership. It has been morally corrupted. Media is just there to put lipstick on it and make it look prettier. Biden is not leading, but you wouldn’t know it from watching the nightly news. You would think the problem is racism and xenophobia, or climate change. Those are the things media wants you to focus on, not the fact the drug cartels are having a field day in San Ysidro and Nogales, not the fact that our children have had two years taken from the lives while adults live in some strange episode of the Twilight Zone.

No one advocates violence. Mine is a prediction of outcomes, and sooner or later the chickens will come home to roost, which simply means mainstream media will someday be held accountable for helping to undermine this great country simply for the sake of ratings.

But when the pitchforks and torches come out, and the guillotine is rolled out into the public square, I will have little sympathy for those who knowingly and willingly committed treason against these United States by trying to convince the rest of us that she was nothing more than a bad idea.

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