Mainstream Media Is Destroying America

What the progressive mainstream media is doing is malpractice.

Specifically CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Twitter and Facebook are all media companies, and each one is guilty of misrepresenting facts in order to distort truth and to provoke specific outcomes which benefit these outlets both financially as well as politically. 

How is it companies such as these, whose job it is to provide honest and truthful information to the general public and in the public interest can be allowed to conduct themselves oftentimes from public subsidies in such a hostile manner as to obfuscate information not just as individual networks, but as a combined force to deliberately mislead the general public, and to use its platforms as a way of destroying the personal integrity of persons they choose to attack for purely political or cultural reasons?

Each night is a parade of half-truths and agenda-narrative news, all designed to set Americans’ against one another.

The malpractice is two fold. Not only are the above networks guilty of producing mis-information but they equally prohibit truthful information from getting to the general public to the detriment of the general public.

For example, major media have withheld important information about the spread of coronavirus by preventing an honest and open debate not only about spread, treatment and therapy, but also allow discussion about negative effects of experimental therapies by preventing people from sharing information in order to gain insight into progress and addressing safety concerns.

James O’ Keefe’s Project Veritas recently disclosed information showing CNN clearly misinformed the public with intent (to no one’s surprise) during the 2020 elections, basically doing what many said other governments were doing: election interference.

YouTube (Google) then cancels (censors) James O Keefe’s account, and we’ll assume anyone who speaks his name on Twitter will probably also be bounced as well. 

And in lockstep, no major coverage of Project Veritas’ expose, only that he was blocked for “spreading misinformation.”

CNN is caught admitting they skewed the elections, made Trump a hit piece, also hitting Ron DeSantis because he poses a political threat – as well as Congressmen Matt Gaetz for the same reason – and this is not met wth criminal libel charges?

How is this not malpractice?

How are these people not being fired?

How are citizens are not outraged at this overt and blatant censorship?!

This is what news media are forced to do in places like Russia, China and North Korea. In the US we do it willingly.

It’s not where I want to go, but I fear that if MSM continues on this path, they will bring America down, but not before an angry mob tries to do the same to them.

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