Rendering to Caesar

Through social pressure and intimidation I took my first ‘jab’ and now wait my obligitory 15 minutes to make sure I don’t die from the vaccine.

In a sense it is historic. I’m taking my first bio-defense manufactured vaccine designed to fight another bio-defense weapon that was unleashed by our adversary, The CCP.

Third World War is going on in my body right now. No armies, though, just the medical technology developed by our US pharmaceutical industry, powered by capitalism, to defend me against the enemy’s latest weapon: Covid -19, stealthily known as (shhh) the Wuhan Virus, which is .003% deadly.

They even suck at making bio-weapons.

I pondered whether or not I was inserting the beast into my veins, whether I was selling my soul to the devil, who is modern civilization. So I said a prayer to remind God I still loved him and that my act was a simple gesture to render to Caesar that which is my body, which belongs to the State until it no longer see’s fit to have me as a citizen, and my soul remains forever in the care of my heavenly Father.

I render, but to not surrender!

I hate that I have to inject something into MY arms because worldly leaders are evil, but if my sacrifice can save my wife from getting covid, then I’ll take my jab, though in protest, because how we got to this place disturbs me to no end.

My life, as it always has been, belongs to the Lord. And so today I roll up my sleeve, take in whatever science has concocted, and hope for the best.

My fifteen minutes are up so the guy who just shot my arm says I am free to go. I guess I didn’t die. Check back with me next week to see if I am still around to pen another post.

One comment

  1. All too many don’t see what exactly is happening, because disinformation mixed in with information. But we do know the stats are as other flus. We also see the propaganda. We’ve learned that aborted tissue, as we understand, was utilized for research. We also learned the MRNA is used, which is relatively knew, and never before used population-wide, and we also know all so many have gotten the virus with little or no symptoms, just like other flus. What many feel is increasing pressure to follow along. That’s for them to deal with.


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