Exctinction Never As Close As It Is Today

As a kid I read dozens of fiction books and saw movies about how humanity might end itself, actually bring about our own extinction. There were lots of theories and plenty of great cinema which explored this scenario to the hilt.

But one certain way we could speedily bring about our own destruction is what we are doing today. We are in fact dangerously close to fulfilling our darkest fears.

We are doing it by shoving something in our arm that is still an experiment.

There is such a tremendous push to get every single moving human vaccinated that one must take into consideration what happens if these vaccines cause irreparable harm or cause some strange irreversible side effect like death or permanent physical injury.

It behooves us because of the sheer gravity of the situation to expect worse case scenarios and how to prepare for them IF we get this wrong and some biological after effect occurs because of our medical arrogance.

In Children of Men mankind loses the ability to procreate, brought on perhaps by too much plastic. The people know they will dying off, in a few generations, people start using pets as children, there is nothing anyone can do. There is no hope. Cities become dysfunctional, crime skyrockets,the elite self-isolate while the masses scrounge for survival. Sound familiar?

That could happen if the scientists – for which we put a lot of faith into – screw this up.

Here is the bad news.

History tells us statistically they will.

The iPhone had a lot of flaws, so did the first airplane and the first drug for the measles, for polio.

More often than not when the first edition of any thing rolls out, it doesn’t go as planned. Ask Elon Musk. Ask Bill Gates. Ask anyone who has ever invented anything.

I read recently in China millions of young kids were vaccinated in the 60’s and ended up with a brain deformity. It is highly unusual to get things right the first time and we do not have the experience of using mRNA to get the body to do what we want it to do.

Variants are adaptation, all living things adapt. We adapt.

A vaccine made today may not be as effective tomorrow. Are we then going to be taking new and different vaccines with greater frequency?

How can we do this without rigorous testing?

Most recently I watched a news piece where this nice little eight-year old girl is crying she is so happy getting her covid shot.

Everyone is running to this vaccine as if it is settled science it won’t cause some strange after-effect that might, or could, cause our extinction.

A willful and mass embrace of new technology in the form of a chemical being injected into our bodies, no matter how confident Dr. Fauci and others are, still poses a risk of global proportions.

We have never been closer to causing our own massive extinction. The pandemic itself was far less dangerous because 99.7 percent of us were already resistant to it. Old people and sick people, the weak, were susceptible. 

Through forced lockdowns and restrictive movements people were forced to stay indoors and in close quarters. This is what science told us to do.

Now, with herd immunity and many with anti-bodies, Covid is even less lethal. Herd immunity began in February 2021 as the vaccines were rolling out, not because of the vaccines.

And yet, the rush is still on to make sure every single mammal on the planet has whatever this is into our arm produced by an industry that never gets it right the first time.

It’s what makes me lose sleep at night.

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